Hi! I am having trouble finding rudeboy kulcha vol 7. Could i buy it from you?

Offers the best songs,

Can I PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE get the track list for Rudeboy reggae kulcha mix spring 2006 xx

i'm looking for the name of the track
27:56 of the top shottaz part 5 sprig 2007 sizzla kalonji

Hey i would like to have youre rudeboy kulcha vol7. Mix
You would help me out alot because i cant find it anywhere


Do you by any chance still have the tracklisting of Top Shottazz part 10?

I wanna buy some songs in that mix.

What's up brother..... I'm trying to get my hands on that Rude or Kulcha Volume 8 Summer 2008. The Media Fire link is not working. Is there anyway to get that?


You know I'm your greatest fan. We go back a ways and I want the best that life shall bring you. Bless up.

Hope everything is fine with you! Would love to get your track list for the old one Roots Reggae riddim summer 2005! Bless!

Dj Ozone,

Let me just start by saying that you are AWESOME and KIND for sharing all your remixes.

I want to know that you are doing GREAT and that your BIZZ is running very smoothly, and I am sure it is.

I would like to know who sings the song at 4 min 47 sec on Top Shottaz part 19 MIX Summer 2011. The song starts with: Me loving it, me loving it, (something something) bar chocolate.

Thank you Awesomeness,
Blessings to you and your family

Hello i am from mauritius,i appreciate your work very much i would like to have the rudeboy kulcha mix spring 2006 which begins with nanko alaine and so on..can you please grant my wish?this means so much for me


Can you please send me the track list for
Top Shottaz part 5

best jd ever. say the genre, you master it. i love DJ OZONE.
I'm from South Africa, Kenton-On-Sea, Eastern Cape Province.

BIg ups to DJ ozone.

Me gone too long with out the ozone sound. Me need mi DJ. Drop the heat once more for ya bowy.


hello my name is Henry and i have been looking for RudeBoy Kulcha Mix - Spring 2006 for the longest. it was my favorite and had very sentimental value to me. i was just wondering if there was any link to it, ive searched but can not find it anywhere. thank you

Hey man...im looking for a song!!
I guess it was on one of your mix...t.o.k and elephant man...footlose remix!!
Thanks have a good day

First of all I want to say thank you. over 10 years ago I was introduced to Reggea thorugh your music. A DJ friend of mine game me a cd he made with your music. Ive since lost track of that CD and would love to replace it. most of the songs are part of the Istambul seasons riddim mix. if you could tell me how to buy that CD i would be extremly greatful. I am a big fan and follower.

Id like to get a download of your rudeboy kulcha vol. 2 with bob marley, sade, etc. I want to pay it at my son's weeding. Bless up!

I am requesting the track list for your rudeboy kulcha mix spring 2006.

I really love the songs on this mixtape

I was wondering if you have the tracklist for one of your older mixtapes Rudeboy kulcha mix-Spring 2006.

Yo Ozone,

looks like you been busy. I'm missing your sweet reggae vybz inna my life. Just want to say still love the sound and cant wait for more. I like when you started mixing in the reggae dubstep, maybe a whole mix of it would be awesome. Ive heard other selectors but none select like you. Keep it up, Never stop the riddims a come. I have been a fan since about 2010 and notice a little slow down in Top Shottas mix since they turn 21. Love the vibez.

one love.

Can you please email me the track list for top shottaz part 5 spring 2007? Been looking for a certain song can't find it anywhere and don't know the name. Thank you

First off I'm a huge fan of your rudeboy kulcha mixes going all the way back. Secondly, I'm trying to start my own Soundsystem in Dayton, Ohio (greatly influenced by you and my friends overseas who have already started one), and was looking for some advice. Thirdly, I was really hoping to get either hard cd copies (which I'm willing to pay for), or the ability to download all the mixes up through the present to have with the track listings.
Much thanks in advance!

Hi Man, no more RBK?
question:: in one of your RBKulcha, I heard a tune of Linton Kwesi Johnson, but I have no clue which mixtape and I desperately search for the name of the song, con you please help me? Big up

where can i get your top shottaz part 6 remix

Lovely Scottish lady living in wales, love your mixes, I am not ur usual dancehall lover, middle aged nurse but huge fan. Have lost my downloads from 2010/2012 where can I download??? Life not the same without, do a british lady favour and make her happy :-)
Lynny xxx

Hello i am a dancehall fan from Chicago . heard one of your old mixes the REGGAE MIX 2010 and i would like the tracklist .thank you

Hi hope you can help do you have dj ozone reggae mix I'm sure it was 2006 but only part of it online it was about an hour long with alaine, jah cure, TOK, Wayne wonder instanbul riddim seasons riddim all on it mixed in please please Can you help I am will to pay no problem just such lovely music so many memories thank you so much for you time


Hey DJ Ozone!

I'm looking for some help for one of your old mixes please.

Top Shottaz Part 3 Mix - Summer 2006
44:26 - 45:33

I cannot find this song using any music recognition software, by searching the lyrics or by posting the clip to a forum to help search with me!

Would it be possible that you have the tracklist anywhere?

Many thanks in advance, have a good day!

DJ Ozone

I love your mixes, every one I have heard I have fallen in love with. Please could you upload to Mixcrat.com your Heavely Riddim and Istanbul Riddim. I promise I will send you a donation.

Please keep doing what you do your mixes are the best by far.

Very best wishes for the future.


Loking for the song after elephant man exercise on the for the love of the dancehall mix. GREAT MIX!!! Slam at the job all day!!

Dance music rocks much Dada


good be here
Nice to make it all good lyrics


Yah mon

Selektah Ozone,please send me a link to your RnB heaven vol. 1-3 please....listening since forever lol thanks in advance.

Cool man cool

I like too be updated.

Greetings DJ ozone i'm one of best reggae dancehall lover.One again greeting to you a the hole crew be up all the time.

Can you send me the R&B Vol 2 mix?

Im a big fan!!

Big ups,


I love reggae music

So glad dj ozne got jah app iv bin picking up on dj ozone since creation (roots reggae riddim) one love from Ireland your jah best

Hey Ozone..i Like your RNB Heaven Mixtapes 1-3!!
I hear them since 2010... But I lost Vol 3.
Could you give me a download Link to RNB Heaven Vol. 3?
You know the girls are melting away by your sounds ;)
Thanks a lot
Best wishes from germany

Been listening since RBK Vol.2! Bless up!

What is the name of the song on Rude boy Kulcha #10 at 58:00. Crazy love?

I'm requesting for one mixcrate for the best of 90s hip hop&r n b.....thnks i'll b greatful......

DJ Ozone, I used to have an old Top Shottaz mix from 2006, loved it and lost it. Anywhere I can get it from? Keep up the good work! Richard, London UK

Peace & Blessings! Keep the fiya bun!


your the best tu es le meilleur


Thanks for the good reggae music that you play.

Can you give this song, wyerless : pagan prayer, ras myrhdak : i soul,
Francheno : ghetto youth be strong, boya dunn : i and i , iakopo : remedy, SINGER JAH & GYPTIAN - NEVER GONNA GIVE UP, please thank you we follow ; from france

Love it

Peace and blessings,

I am looking for the tracklist for the rudeboy kultcha mix 3, there is one song at 59 mins that i need to know who the artist is, i think its a beres hammond tune. Please brethern, can you tell me the name of the tune. Ive been a listener since the myspace days. Link me up, coming from Senegal West Africa.



where can get your mix Top Shottaz Part 13 Mix - Summer 2009 and i need the tracklist please

Is good

Keep up the good work.
Wanted to know if you have the tracklist for the Rudeboy Kulcha Spring 2006 mix?


I love you're mix tape top shattaz 10 ...
May I have the title to the song by Spragga benz....

I love you're mix tape top shattaz 10 ...
May I have the title to the song by Spragga benz....

Looking forward to some new mixtape's for 2015..... Dj Ozone up up up for 2015

I need that old school reggae

Big tings agwaan.

can you please upload TOP SHOTTAZ PART 13 SUMMER 2009 MIX please to your website. would very much appreciate it. One love.

i am in love with all your mixes! my absolute fav is TOP SHOTTAZ PART 13 SUMMER 2009. I need that mix, i cant find it anywhere. Is there anyway i can purchase it online???? links meh!

a desperate fan

mi love u!

Can i order cds of your mixtapes?

Eres un bn dj pa bendiciones

Yo Selecta...Top Shottaz 2006 Summer Mix is still Wicked. Question: near the ending...yuh have a Riddim with Elephant Man...Whine and Go Down ...what is the name of dat Riddim...?? I have a car show coming up and i want to use dat as my car intro...plz help. Jah Bless

Its a good selection

Hello dj ozone can you give me the version instrumental of "pure wata riddim" ? Please

I have been listening to your mix tapes for years...always hear new gems and sometimes even the tracks I don't like at first seem to grow on me....I have a very picky ear and never doubt your selection.

Could you kindly provide me with the track list for Rude Boy Kulcha vol 15? I would really appreciate that.

Thank you for all the tunes! I love what you do.


Jah keep it blessing!

Representing V.I massive dis be rawstar keep doing what u doing DJ. Ozone flood da airwaves with da fire

Esta exelente


Really interesting music

*****Great app!

Big up keep da fire burn

Greetings and blessings in the name of "The Most High"JAH RASTAFARI SELASSIE I Thank you for your music. It is a blessing for all!

wasup Ozone. i really enjoy your work,been a fan for a longtime! please send me the track list for the mixtape "karnival vybz soca mix 2007" thanks n keep up the good work.

peace ozone - i have been following your mixes for several years... much thanks for the reggae memories.. was listening to ya top shottaz mix from winter 2006 again recently and was wondering if you could send me the setlist?? nuff respect from nc, marco

Do you have the track listing for Rudeboy Kulcha volume 4 mix summer 2007? There is a song at the 32 minute mark called "crazy for you" I believe and id like to know who it is. Thanks

I like your mixes

Please send me the rudeboy kulcha vol 8 2008 that is the best

Love ur reggae mixes


rude boy kulcha vol. 1 spring 2006 tracklist please

Yeah Ozone, you're a killer, i listen your track since 3 years, so fan..love your selection, big boss 1..congratulation brother..peace

Yo greetings SELEKTAH, I am requesting the tracklist to rnb heaven vol 1 & 2 pls. Much appreciate it Ya Loyal listener Carlos Down in the A town!! Also I'm thinking about getting married and would like to know your rates and what not. Don't have a date set yet , broke my hip and had to put it off but it's still in the mix so lol I'm gonna need a Selektah to set that isht off right

Hi am building a new site dedicated to riddim mixes and dj's who do them and have got a few from you that i am going to have on the site and was wondering if you can send me a small intro and an image for your page a nd a few new riddim mixes to put on there.

first of all,i enjoy your mixtapes,can you give me the tracklist of the top shottaz part5 please,i'm looking for the track of sizzla who says"you're the girl i'm searching for",i want to offer it to my girlfriend.
thanks dj ozone,god bless you

Producing music is my life so why should I stop!!!

I love music

Whats going on man could you send me the song from sizzla heaven and earth please much appreciated bless

Yo mr dj ozone im very happy for your last mix you have finish with the song more hip hop its better i think.... I fallow i wait the next mix its long lol good job to be continued. Im 25 years old from france

Mi luv di tunes yuh play but mi waan hear more riddims... thanks

Gud songs. jah love

DJ Ozone could you give me the riddim to Super Cat's-Jah Run Ting. Thank you & keep on doing what you do best! Selassie

Keep up wit di tunez, make dancehall nice!

When u have any 2014 mixtapes dancehall ??


Hello, congratulations for the great work all these years!! i m listening rudeboy kulcha from 2008!! i would like the track list for RudeBoy Kulcha Vol 3 Mix from Winter 2007. Huge thanx, keep it up, peace

Hello play regger vbyz best

Love ur mixes please send more to download Blessing!!!

keep it comin

HELLO HOW ARE YOU? I hope you are VERY WELL WANT ME PLEASE PLEASE SEND ME THE did a Tracklist rudeboy_kulcha_vol_11_mix_-_winter_2010 of there are many songs that I like and would love to have COMPLETE ME, THANK YOU I HOPE NOT bother you

Love all of your music don't even remember how I first came accross your name years ago but, I love the work!!! Listened to your Top Shottas 12 mix the whole 13 hour drive to Miami and back was hoping to get my hands back on that mix can't find it anywhere!!!! Bless

Hey man I need another track list this time for RudeBoy Kulcha Vol 17. Also I don't know if you travel but if you do and you ever in Central Florida, pass by The Carribean Hut in Orlando man.

I love danchall.

Wats up man keep up the good app for the rest of us rastafarians peace brotha praise jah

Im looking for "Dj ozone rudeboy kulcha vol 3 winter" track list
You want to help me out? :)

Love ur mixtapes please send me new one !!

Luv the music selection

Hi Dear Ozone (and hix2 to this girl that makes "hmmmm" in your mixes)
I feel lost since i changed computer with most of your Top Shottaz mixes (since the 12th !)
Do you have any other address I could refer to re-download em ?
Hem I'd like to have the title of CAMAR's song (1st song of the 13th Top Shottaz),
Im searching ICE TO THE COLD - END OF MY WAITING (No way to find the full song anywhere ;( ;( ;( ;( ;(

Thx for all, already expecting the 23th

Reggae dancehall

Yo dj ozone can have the tracklist of rnb heaven vol 3 please? And when is the vol 4?

The best of the best !!

hay man!! please could you get me the name of ward 21's approx 10:40 on top shottaz winter mix 2006... or the name of the riddim.

thanx a lot bru!!!

peace out.

Nice work from you. DJ ozone u are best

I love this been looking for something like this for a minute need more music like this.

Hello ! :)

I really like "Rude Boy Kulcha vol.2" could you sen me the tracklist please ?

Thanks !


Hey Man - love your work :)

Keep on smashing it up.

Would really appreciate the track listing to Rudeboy Kultcha Vol 9 if you have a minute.
Thank you Sir :)!

yess brother man. first off BIG UPS for all the bad mon mixs
im looking for some of your old work from 2005-2008
please link me back

Big up natty dread n lovers i mon love the musik n selection big up your selfkeep mi up to date on new tings n download one love

Can you please send me the tracklisting for your Roots Reggae Riddim Mix - Summer 2005. Thank you very much.

Love your mixes!!!


yes man, you RUN things MAn. JAH bless you, everytime, Run the tune . when are you coming 2 LONDON town for a show, please keep me posted.

When are you party in the N.Y.C?

And the tracklist of rnb heaven vol 3 plz

Again and again V-Centy man i wait the next.... ; i want know when is the dj ozone rnb heaven vol 4? Thanx waiting im fanatic of your mix. To be continued

splendid mix

Yo dj ozone good job the last mix, respect for you i wait the next...but i prefer when you finish your mix with one song more hip hop rnb (my opinion), so i need song at 50min in rudeboy vol 7 winter plz... To be continued ;

Your Cd's are off the chain love the mix of music one

Im looking for a rude boy mix. Cant remember the year. Hoping to find it with ur help. Its an old mix. I think it was a 06 mix. Big ups and keep it

Dis site is kool

Hello my brother,i really like your work and i ve watching you from 2004 :) Is it possible to get the tracklist from RudeBoy Kulcha Vol 13 Mix - Fall 2010 ?

LInk up my twitter @zjxtc

Does anyone have the tracklisting for Dj Ozone Top Shottaz part 7 Fall 2007? Been looking for it for sooooo long now

Thank you for the sound!

hey, I was wondering if i could have the tracklist for the rudeboy kulcha vol 6 mix fall 2007 mix, much thanks..bless

i cant download the RNB HEAVEN VOL 1 MIX - DJ OZONE - 2007 on the mediafire site it reads it copy righted please help i love 2 and 3
Bless Up

RRR roots reggae rasta thanx for the POWER you gif I&I 4 RAEL,,JAH BLESS SELLAH

Love this app songs r excellent.

Hi just wondering wat song is after antony B top shottaz pt 12 ....can not find anywhere .... no bin long time since but much appreciated ....thanks Tim.

Big up!!

big up

How do u download ur mixtapes



Sum nice tunes

i know its kinda old now but do you have the tracklist for rudeboy kulcha vol 7. safe

Loving ur mixed taped Thankyou x

Easy pal... You probly dont get time to read this...
Rudeboy kulcha mix spring 2006. The last to 2 tracks. Road to zion remix. Is it possiblr to get that song because that has got to be one of the best iv ever heard? or is it possible to get the set, Because i cant find it anywhere.
Please help.
Many thanks.

Yes mate. Could you give me alink to get RudeBoy Kulcha Mix - Spring 2006. The set with that road to zion remix at the end of the set please.
Nuff respect. Keep up the hard work.

whats good, love your mixes! dey fiyah! will you email me the track list for your Top Shotta 21 summer mix. thx


Big up yourself Ozone,long time listener here... Looking for tracklisting from your mix done sometime in 2007 - Begins with Collie Buddz and featured Roundhead

Big up


Want som roots and culture mixtapes

Bless up, mi bredda

I've been a fan of your mixes for many years and I now have the opportunity to thank you for your great work! Big up yuhself, you'e a blessing to all reggae lovers around the world!
I'm lookin for the tracklist of Rudeboy Kulcha Vol 6. Could yu get that to me? Thanks in advance


Hi there. I'm from Calgary, Canada and heading down to San Diego at the end of March and wonder if you ever make it down that way? Any recommendations on Clubs playing ur kinda great tunes? Ever make up to Canada?? XO

Hello dj ozone I am a big fan of your work for many years. I believe your mixes are top notch in music industry. I am somewhat new to reggae music and am wondering about a specific riddim and artist that plays at 19:00 in your rudeboy kulcha spring 2006 mix. This riddim is rare and I have no idea the name and can't find it anywhere on the net. Please help me by naming the artists and riddim that plays specifically at 19:00 in your spring 2006 rudeboy kulcha mix. Thank you I am very grateful.

HELLO HOW ARE YOU? I hope you are VERY WELL WANT ME PLEASE PLEASE SEND ME THE did a playlist of rudeboy kulcha vol 8 mix - summer 2008 there are many songs that I like and would love to have COMPLETE ME, THANK YOU I HOPE NOT bother you

Buju banton I wanna be loved

Espero encontrar todas las canciones que me gustan

really thank you so much for help dj ozone i like your mix music so much

i want this original tracks pleas for this mix Dj Ozone - Busy Signal Vybz Cartel Bling Dawg Tok Wayne Marshall Buju Banton Mr Lex Cherine Pitbull Riddim Dreamweaver Riddim Assault Riddim(Dancehall Reggae)

Good vibes ......my brothers le son tourne jusque en france a lyon c bon sa.........

i love what u do mister !! keep going whit those insanne riddim that keeps me moving !!and about the gial shaking there punany to de riddim .... what can i say !!!! ur great bro !!! love the musik..

It's about music. Good stuff.

like reegae


Yo man I LOVE your mixtapes!! Keep doing what you do!!!
Much love from Denver, CO

I need the track list for RudeBoy Kulcha Vol.2 Mix

Yo can you send me the song Hitman mind who yuh diss please? greatly appreciated

This App is Awesome!

I really like your music mix, pls keep it up.
Love the site.

Me loving it!!!

Link me up to some lovers rock riddims

Hi DJ ozone,
I'm french and i like all of your mix ! You do a verry good work, it's a verry pleasure to listen your songs. I want to know if you have got the playlist tracks of your karnival vybz socca mix released in winter 2007 yet ?

Best regards.

Yo i've been trying to download the lucky you mix the extended version but, i cant find it anywhere. could you send me the mix so i can download it please. thanks. big up for the nice work

Thanks for the tracklist,hope to hear you soon in a new mix,bless up!!!

i for nigeria ur music is very good to know

I can't find the playlist of your top shottaz mix part 12 - summer 09. There is a song I am obssesed with, it's a the end of the mix, starting at 51min'. I am not really sure about the singer, i thought it was a gyptian for a while ... Would be great if you could give me the name!!!!!!!!!!

TOP SHOTTAZ PT 22 PLEEAAAAASE ^_^ I also need the RNB HEAVEN VoL 3Mix TRACKLIST i love how it started with Mariah Carey i think when you can pleas release the VoL 4, since 2008 im following your mixes Top shottaz im a real fan, very very impressive work ! 4 mixes can make people dance a whole evening =) (excuse my english im french)

I need some popcaan mixtapes

For many years I'm listening to your music!!Best dj of this kind of music!!
Can you send me the tracklist of RudeBoy Kulcha vol 15 mix- winter 2012?Thanks wish you all the best!!

Yo Selektah Ozone, you're the undisputed TRUTH. Been listening for better than5 yrs now,i was wondering if you could send me TJE track list for rudeboy kulcha vol 5. I've been trying to figure TJE song with Chuck Fenda on the heart and soul riddim." I gave you may heart and soul, my hand to hold my love my heart so you can take control" The last song.

like it

karnival Vybz is si good!you're really talent for this music,if you in france,you're make a really succes,you're music is good for club ,it's a promess i'm sure of you

respect for you talent,

Have a Nice day

this app really work. nice one

As a daughter of Jamaican parents, I grew up listening to reggae. Your beats are sick and I look forward to watching you take mainstream music by storm. Shout out from the ATL!!!


oh nice site I like to vibes I like to download some of those mix tapes I would like a link so I can bless

I live in London, UK, can't get enough of the tunes that DJ Ozone plays

Hi would you give me the tracklist of Rudeboy vol13 ?
Bless u!

Yo I was wondering if you could me the download link for rudeboy kulcha mix vol 2 fall 2006 I tried it on Mediafire and it said permission denied much appreciated

I like that

Im new but will eventualy catch up. So far I love what you guyz are doing.
Receive my sincere appreciation.
Im from Naivasha, Kenya.

big up! To Dj ozone keep doing you ting mash it up

for years through changing of phones and computers your mixes are the first thing i always redownload. thank you for making this music free. my friends and i have had so many good times to your mixes. ruddboy kulcha is amazing. respect from canada.

like you mix

would you give me the trackliste of Top shottaz 18 ?
Bless u

I lov riddim to the extence

I love your mixtapes! Im looking for a culture mix with Vybz Kartel-All of a Sudden and I-Octane-Study Yuh Friend on it. I had the cd but it was damaged and I really wan that back. Im pretty sure the cd had Musical Mix Culture Mix #23 printed on it. If you could help me find this cd I would be forever grateful! Thanks!!

Dear DJ Ozone love the music keep it up enjoy every bit of the mixes. I was wondering can I please get the tracklist of top shottaz 17 thank you

Hi, I'm a big fan of your mixes, i enjoy them since 5-6 years. Pleace can you send me the traklist of Rudeboy Kulcha Vol 3 Winter 2007. Its my favorit mix and i really need thise songs.. i get crazy alredy 2 days by search them. Thanks

lookin buy some of the mix's u have put togather hit up my e mail

Big fan from Bermuda! You have some of the hottest mixes around! Let me know if you are ever in Bermuda! http://geminiiphotography.zenfolio.com/

love ur music, i get drifted to a whole new level in life when i listen to it.
Keep doing what u r doing and u shall continue to succeed!

I owe my love to Soca and Dancehall to your "Season Riddim" and have been listening ever since! God bless! (:

Hi i would apprecitae it so much if you could please give me the name of the track on the roots reggae riddim mix that comes after Latoya Lucket 'confused'
I've been sarching for it for years cos i love it so much! no one knows who it is!
many thanks :)

hey i wanted to know the song that starts at 17:33 on the rudeboy kulcha vol 13 mix , if i can get the name , i would greatly appreciate it
thanks , stay blessed and keep up the good work

always great music!!

Requesting for tracklist of Top shottaz part 16 mix - summer 2010

Hi Dj Ozone,

Would you happen to have a full version of sizzla - peculiar treasure that you could send me please :)

jah blezz

DJ Ozone,
I found it. It was "Give Thanks" by Anthony B.

DJ Ozone
On your Roots Reggae Riddim Mix Summer 2005, there's a track that I've been looking for since 2005. It's 28 minutes into the mix and it says something like "We are Rastaman". Could you please tell me the name of the track and artist please. Nuff respect.

I know its probably a weird request but I was wondering if it was possible to download your Rudeboy Kulcha Mix spring 2006 anywhere on the internet? I havn't listened to it in years and its one if my favorite mixes and can't find it anywhere.

I would like the track list for rude bwoy culcha mix spring 2006

I Like reggae music blessings

Reggae dancehall

Keep me Update

Hi Why don't u put all tracklist on your website ?

wagwan Dj Ozone! Could you please please please please send me the track list for Top Shottaz part 16, There are a few songs in there I've been searching all over for but don't know the right names. BTW Top Shottaz 21 is so hot I swear my ears were on fire after listenin to it the first time! Keep di big Chunes comin! Bless

Congratulations from Romania for what you do ! Your mixtapes are simply the best!

God bless you!

En todas

Yo dj ozone peace from France ok i want Know when i CAN see your NeXT mix rudeboy kulcha spring or winter? I need it! ))

I love this music I had a roots riddem mix from 09 and my ipod got jacked can you send me a new mix from the archives or something I'm a marine staffsgt and I can't pt right without it it was a spring mix stay up much love

Greetings, keep it flowing! Bless up yourself!

Hey DJ Ozone, im a longtime fan, I love your RudeBoy Kulcha Mixtapes, I had all of them from 1 trough 12 but I had lost them in a house fire in december, I was wondering if there is any way or any were I can get them agin I'm also interested in getting your Top Shottaz mix tapes

Hello Mr Dj Ozone, I like listen in my car \"every rudeboy kulcha mix\". I like soul reggae and in your mix \"rudeboy kulcha mix spring 2006\" I listen Wayne Marshall \"G-Spot\" at 22 minutes, but I want really the same version of the mix because I have already Wayne Marshall \"G-Spot\" but in your mix the version is more faster and more better. So I want know if it\'s you the \"creator\" or if this song existed for real???

estan buenos buenisssimos

I truly need the track list for r n b heaven 2007 please thank you love all your mixes you're the best

Hello, I search fi di last track's name of da mix "RudeBoy Kulcha Vol 10 Mix - Summer 2009 - Dj Ozone"
Thx, if ya send mi!

Hello would you give me the playlist of Rude boy Kulcha vol 10
Thx a lot

Hey what's up....would like a beres mixtape

New 2 los angles free after 1 year in homland beat the deporation fuck obama need to know whet the parties

yo I'm just wondering if you have Nicky seizure quench the fire full version of the song I can't find it anywhere -bless

Please from france fanatik of your mix rudeboy of your work....please can you tell me the song at 21 min on your mix rudeboy spring 2006 its not Wayne Marshall....

on the very first rude boy kulcha mix what is the name of the artist/song at 36 minutes 27 seconds please

hi! could you send me the tracklist of 'rudeboy kulcha vol 3 mix - winter 2007',
'Love of Da Dancehall mix', and 'top shottaz mix - winter 2006' please? thank you very much!

Rising riddim

Tracklist for Top Shottaz Part 21

More Blessings

i would need the tracklist for RudeBoy Kulcha Vol. 5 - Fall 2007
big up ozone!!

Could you send me the track list for Roots reggae riddim summer mix feat. Tanya Stephens, please?

I just want to know what is the first song (Busy Signal) in the Rudeboy Kulcha mix Vol. 7

I Love DJ Ozone! Tour East Coast!!!

Hey Dj Ozone,

I have a question to one your older mixtapes. To be exact, I was wondering what the song from Da'ville on your Top Shottas Winter Mix 2006 was called (9:15). I've been following you for the past 6 years all the way from Switzerland. Good tunes and stay blessed.

Thank you


i recently came across the roots reggae riddim mix of 2005 and i absolutely love it !! it contains a lot of songs ive already known and i could find the titles of some others by typing the lyrics into google, but for some i just cant figure it out...
i would be soo deeply grateful to get the tracklist for this mix if possible :)

greetings from germany,

I was lookin for da jerk style mixtape idk the number I heard it with ma cousin...but it starts off with the new boyz yur a jerk den branches off into other artist witt datt same style...could yu upload it please? If so thank yu very much!!!

Hi dj ozone, the best best dancehall dj in the world. I just want to ask you the tracklist of ''TOP SHOTTAZ PART 10'' please.

thanks,Nassim from montreal,canada.


I was wondering if you had the track list for the roots reggae riddim mix summer 2005? I would greatly appreciate it.



44:49 Top Shottaz Part 19 Mix what's the title of the song?

also in one of your mixes you play a concious song that goes..."jah jah throw your blessings on me, jah jah throw your blessings on me...I never left out jahovia" what's the title of that track?

bless up my lord

I'm a true believer of your works! Big up

Hello again Mr. Ozone i'm just wonder how can i get each and every song on rudeboy kulcha winter 2007 mix collie budz? heck can you make the cd's for me i am willing to pay for it and if i have to i can mail you the blank cd i just love that whole cd well all your mixes still wish lime wire still around
thank you

buena vibra!!

Top Shottaz winter 2009
Struggling to find out some of the riddims. Thanks!

Hi, I am a reggae artist based in Malawi, Africa. Am looking for cool riddims I can use in my new album. How much for a good new riddim?

Please help

i like yr music

just need the trct list of the roots reggae riddim of bashment

Hey after hearing your seanson riddim mix I started mixing at home. Few years later Im making a good living thanks stay blessed

Big up brother!
In one of your older remixes I quote below there is a song towards the end that goes like "I must confess we are the good better best....". Is that Sizzla? Do you have a longer version of that song?

Here is your mix I'm reffering to:

Essence Riddim Mix - Dj Ozone - Roundhead Bugle Anthony B NorrisMan Lutan Fiyah Ronny Thwaites Shaka Pow Alberosi Empress Natural Black Gyptian Perfect Sizzla

good vibes

what's good bruh? see you still puttin dem mixes down and proper way. just downloaded the latest rudebwoy kulcha and lovin it. bless up

tracklist for reggae mix 2010? pls n thx :}

yah man...

I am late just now hearing your summer 2005 mix but better late than never I suppose. Great selection. Trying to figure out the track id between tanya stephens and bascom. I know the vocal is a HUGE artist and am frustrated I cant remember who it is! the verse (as best as i can guess)...warm back we want a pump a weh we cool and deadly me go dance wi mi lady dem a dance ya too funky gun shot a buss....." the gunshot a buss is like one of his trademarks and i am stuck.....

Anychance I can have the track list to rudeboy kulcha mix spring 2006 please x

Hi just wanted to say i love the mixes you creat. Theres a mix you made in 2006 called top shottaz mix-winter 2006 theres a riddim i love and cannot find the name for it. It starts at 23:25 sec if you could tell me i would greatly appreciate and will definetly make a donation. THANK YOU

Love ur mixes, can u please tell me the track on the summer mix 2005 that starts at the 39:07 mark? right after Broader then Broardway. Thanks

how do i download your older mixes?

Hey dj ozone hope all is good with ya!! I was curious if u could tell the names of a couple tracks on your kulcha mix #3 , the first is buju banton at 27 minutes in, the 2nd is also bujubanton at 54 min and 55 seconds, I apriciate your work! Thanks ozone!

meeen!!!! i dont even know what to say or where to start!! yu blessed ma yute. Only reggae mixed tape i listen, i wish there is place i can get your tracklists and music, i dont care i will buy them all mahn!! anyways Jah bless and may he keep blessing you, cause believe or not but your conscious reggae mixes have actually helped my life, thanks and keep up the good job!! yahman

hey whats up i would love to have riddim summer 2005 riddim mix the one i really really want --rudeboy kulcha volume #3 winter 2007 hey im bless for any of your old skool mixxes i lost all your music im a follower for yearss bless up

You already know...

hello mister dj.need ur help...i am looking for the singer in "rudeboy kulcha Vol 5"start to sing from 17 minutes to..18 minutes 40 secondes
lyrics goes like that"everiday is valentine..i want you to have my child..when i laugh u laugh i love ur smile.."
.been long time i listen to your mixtape.most of them makes me touch the sky...keep on doing what you do...maybe one day if u come in belgium

I realize that I come across you mixtapes late, but better late then never. They are great. Can I get tracklist for "Rudeboy Kulcha Vol 3 Mix", can't stop listening to it.

hey do you still have the old top shottaz mixes from like 2005 2006ish. i try look for them all ova .

Super hot mixes... Favorite is this RudeBoy Kulcha Vol 7... I gotta have that tracklist... Respect...

I have a few of your Culcha mixes and your Top Shotta mixes and you know how to fo the damn thing. You gets nuff Respect and im looking forward to hearing new and incredible music from you. Much Love

Flatbush, Brooklyn

Hey Ozone. Could I get the tracklist for Steel Strings Riddim Mix 2011 in my email! Major Big Ups. Peace

Hi, your mixes are great. Do you have the track list for tear drop riddim mix, RnB Heaven Vol 2 Mix, and Top Shottaz Part 9 Mix. Thanks so much for the awesome mixes again =]

walked into a world that was giving no love all hes seeing is the killing and the blood whats this song

I would like the tracklisting or to buy the cds for rude boy kulcha 05-08 winter and summer

Hi Dj Ozone,

please send me the tracklist of "Dancehall top shottaz mix 2006".
I`m looking for the song minute 09:16...

thx a lot.


Much respect! Curious about Top Shottaz part 8 tracklist .. especially the song that starts at 34:16 . thankssss & keep doing what you do !!

Hi from europe! :) would love to get the songlist top shottaz winter 2011! Thanks!

Hello, congratulations for your mixes, it's a very good job. Can i have the traclisting oh the songs on rude boy kulcha mix 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 please winter and summer.

Thank you very much

Jah bless you

LOVE love love you


back again just wondering would it be possible to get the name of all the songs on rudeboy kulcha winter mix 2007 vol.3 Collie budz ?

Love your mixes especially rudeboy kulcha winter 2007 mix as well as others like the one playing on your screen

Hey my fiend, its been a long time. How have been?
This is Michael from San Jose, not sure if you remember?

Anyhow, I was listening to one of older mixes \"RudeBoy Kulcha Vol 12 Mix - Spring 2010\" and liked a few chunes, can you give me the track list. That bad gal barbie was real smooth...

Thanks my friend
May God continue to be your guide and protection


Where are the good reggae spots in la

track list for all rudeboykulcha mixes

grettings from costa rica! good music i have heard your mixs are pure vibes

Can you send me the track list for RudeBoy Kulcha Vol 7, what is the one right after Queen Ifrica's Daddy?! Much love

(My english is not very good)
Hi, it's just to say that I appreciate/enjoy your "Top Shottaz" mixs a lot!!
Even if there are some songs that I can't find... do you also use tracks that are not labelised (?).
Are you a Jamaican ? (if you do not want to answer this question, don't)
Take care.

Just heard the Steel Strings Riddim Mix!! Big up UNO self ya MASSIVE!!!!!!!!!!!! I love this!!!! its right on time for my lyfe!!!! Raaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaas

muh love................. requesting if you can a soca mix

i have been looking for something that reminds me of home (Saint Thomas USVI ) The Rock as its know as, finally here it is. i wanna say thanks the music, the vibe and rightousness. keep them coming

Yes I, I wanted to see if you could send me the track list for Rude Boy Kulcha mix vol 9. Blessings

Mi love yu tunes!

Big fan shout out from Toronto Canada... Would love to see me a mix with Elan... Deadly Trini Gals da best... Respect

DJ OZONE much respect frm DFW Dallas top shottaz 19 is off the chainz!!!! @sodia Big up man paris is feel'n Ozone that all matters peace!!!!

Salute,nuff respekt.kip it high coz thats talent deh

Dj ozone sorry i'am don't speak english mais your mix is verry good i'am like verry verry like bon je continu en frçais sache que je suis toujour à la recherche de tes mix dancehall il son trop malaaaade jkif trop bon courage pour la suite peace my name is souleymane i'am from Lyon, France

Big Respect from Senegal

big respect from Senegal
Peace repesent Africa


ocupo musica

can i get the tracklist for Rudeboy Kulcha Vol 3 Mix Winter 2007? please? :)

great mixes! luv em

blees up gente de amerika latyina

Greetings Ire

Wil u plz hook me up with ur 2005 Summer Roots Reggae Riddim Mix... Mofire tunes my lord! Am based in South Africa and willing to forward a donation of appreciation. Great work Ire.

can i get the tracklist for Rudeboy Kulcha Vol 3 Mix Winter 2007? please? :)

YOU'RE AMAZING!!!! Finally found a place I can LIVE!

Greetings Dj Ozone,

Love yuh mixes! Would really love to know who the second artist is on the Roots Reggae Riddim Mix - summer 2005

Give Thanks,

DJ Ozone your the best!!!!!!!!! I love you mixes!!! Can you please send my the tracklist for Top Shottaz volume 12??? Thanks man!

Love the work, you keep the DJ fraternity strong...
One Love..

I am hunting for the name of the second to the last song and artist on your rudeboy kulcha vol 10 mixtape, something about Jah will lift you up

PS you are my favorite reggae DJ keep up the good work

Hi Ozone!!!

I'm Raül from Barcelona again. First of all congratz for all your mixtapes, are amazing!!!

Time ago you sent me the rudeboy tracklists and now I'm interested (if you can send to me) in the traclists of Top Shottaz, specially number 11 and 16.

Thanks for all and continue doing your mixes because here in Spain we LOVE THEM!!!

say brother, can you send me the first ten tracklist on the rudeboy kulcha vol 8, man you rock...more fire

I would like to get the comlet traklist of TopShottaz Pt.15 plz ! I don't find one of the last sounds called Addicted... ? THKS !

I can't stop listening to the Rudeboy Kulcha Vol 3 Mix. Can you send me the track list? I need to know the title and artist of the track after Satan's Throne...


its been doin my head in, tryna find the mix online, if you could jus send me the song list for the mix, top shottaz part 16, niceonee :)

Hey man, love the mixtapes, was hoping there would be another rudeboy culture mix coming soon. those are my favorates.

Sorry I'm not french so I don't speack very well english ^^
My question is : what is the tittle of the song " Top shottaz Part Mix summer 2009" : the third artist , I think it's elephant Man but I don't know tittle
Thank you

Hey Im Looking For A Song Its On Your rudeboy kulcha mix spring 2009 i think... 26mins through- "Lets go have a drink or something, we could set up a link or something" that some of the lyrics!! I would reall appreicate it if you could tell who it is and what its called thank you xxx

i would like the tracklist for the rude boy kulcha mix 7 winter 2008 please thank you.

Hey bro, lovin ur mix Rudeboy Kulcha mix - Spring 2006 right now. Could you please tell me what's the name of Anthony B's song at minute 4 ? Respect massive! Big up

your mixes abit too awsome.thanks for hooking me up on the link via twitter. big fun!

yow DJ OZONE, yu a deh badest DJ mi know deh way yu mix yu ting jus BAD SOOOO... years now mi a get yu mix dem an is deh madest mix dem mi have jus mek mi always a come back, keep gwaan do yu ting, nuff respect an ratings as also King man :) BLESS :)

hey bro! i just wanna know if u can send me the tracklist of your set roots reggae riddim mix - summer 2005, there is a song on the minute 22 more less that i want t download! i really apreciatte if u can help me up! from Venezuela, bless!

send me an email, gascon.fe@gmail.com

got some tracs i would love for you to hear. both beats and songs.

Hey Dj Ozone,

i really like your work. It inspire me whenever i hear to your good mixtapes. At the moment i'm searching a special song on the RudeBoyKulchaSummer 2008 Vol. 8 mix. can you get the playlist for me?

Hi, I'm looking for the artist and name of the song on the RudeBoy Kulcha Vol 8 Summer 2008 mix. The song plays at 11:04
Many thank you's!!


the name of this track from rudeboy kulcha spring 2006 at 55:27

Hi Dj Ozone... I wanna have the tracklist for rudeboy Kulcha vol 3 from winter 2007 please!! I hardly tried to find the song who starts at 24:11... but I didint...

I am a fan since 2007 continue your great job!!

Greeting From Québec!! and thank you!!

I'm bringing DJOzONE to 9JA for a weekend for real... This guy is sooooooo on point man!

cani have the track listing for the soca mix u made?

YEAH!salut j\'aimerais avoir la tracklist de la mixtape VOL2 CAR ELLE EST JUSTE ENORME!merci!PEACE

yo is it posible to get the track list for the rudeboy kulcha spring 2006 mix

Dj Im lookin for a Reggae song that i havent found anywhere
i remember PARTS of it but please could you send me a link where i can download the actual song from
the lyrics goes something like.... " Bun Bad Mind and dem Wicked ways yao: or somtething like that...i think its Istanbul Riddim so i guess this might help

Hi do you have a tracklist for RudeBoy Kulcha Vol 8 Summer 2008?


id like to download all available tracks bless from ireland

RudeBoy Kulcha Vol 3 Mix - Winter 2007 tracklist please ...big up King..one love :)

were can i buy mix tapes

I really dig your music mixes and would like a listing of them and where I can purchase the:
-dancehall mixes

hi where can i get rudeboy kulsha vol 7 ??? pleaz

Hi, dj ozone!
I'm from Catalunya (Spain) I'm a very big fan of you, I've been listening you during years since the first RUDEBOY KULCHA. Blessings to you for your work. Is the first time i've enjoyed reggae music!!!
This last RUDEBOY KULCHA is brutal! Big up! and never get down.

Please take a look to my sound system WIGGLE YARD.

Yo mane mi want fi got ur lasts top shottaz im fan since 12rd, i tried to get dem in Mixtape but cyan find dem, can u do somthin please BIG BLESS

I downloaded all of your downloads and i got a hold of your reggae mix 2010 that i play all the time. If it is possible can i have the tracklist to the reggae mix 2010? and for the others too?

Hey DJ, I wish you toured the U.S. and Deejayed in other places (like Florida :}). I would give anything to go to your show. I guess Ill have to wait until I visit L.A. huh. I love you Ozone. Love and Peace forever. <3

Blessed luv and keep on doing Jah work. irie.

hi. could u send me the songlist of rudeboy kulcha vol 7 mix-winter 2008???

i've been on the westside for 6yrs now, Mr.Ozone has squelched my thirst for culta music, I'm an old skool rude boy from the sound clash era, with sounds like Body Guard,Stone Love, Embassy, Downbeat,Gemini, just to name a few were ruling the east.Now that i'm older living in SD i still need my daily Reggae fix.
Thank you selecta Ozone, you've made the transition a bit smoother.
Licka more!

nice site, plz keep updated about new releases

Im trying to find out the tracklist for the mix you made that is
Seasons Riddim Mix - Dj Ozone - Jah Cure Sean Paul Wayne Wonder Alaine TOK Wayne Marshall Natural Black Morgan Heritage Fanton Mojah Gyptian

Dj Ozone, Man You Are Too Much, Your Music Is So Uncontainable, & Its Ever So Unique That When People Hear It, They Get Too Attached! I Started Following You In The Mids 2000, On Myspace, But Then Came Of It, & Limewire Got Shut Down, So I Kinda Lost All The Mixes You Had From Then... But Good I Found You Again..... Not Loosing You Now Ever! Stay Blessed aka LilMizzDash

DJ Ozone ,

I love your RudeBoy mixtapes! I was looking for the Vol. 10 playlist but can't find it on any of your websites. Can you tell me where to find it?


Nasty mixes brother, they have been keeping me entertained all around the world and played on beaches from Rio to Bali with much love.

There one track I hope you can help me with from one of your earlier mixes. Top Shottaz Winter 2006: Vybz Kartel @ 39:22

If you have time to look it up, it would be very, very much appreciated. Regardless, time is precious so if not no worries, the support for your fine work continues as always.

If you come to Asia, I am there, believe that. If you need a contact for bookings at the three biggest clubs in Hong Kong/Macau, let me know and I will forward them to you as my good friends own these places. Taiwan and China also opening up VERY nicely for good dj bookings. As you know, Japan knows dancehall well so if you haven't been, you HAVE to go at least once. DJ Premier comes through a few times a year and a lot of artists come through Macau as the casino town moved their main club (Cubic) into the City of Dreams casino development. Lil Jon and Akon are here in a few weeks for a two day show so the place is trying to build up as a big entertainment spot. Sophia Lin got some sort of residency at the Sands for the Playboy Club too.

If I can be of help putting you in touch, let me know.

Stay safe.

Hi Ozone,

Could you please send me track lists for these mixes:
Rude Boy Kulcha Vol 14
West Pines Ridddim
Stadium Buk
Top Shottaz Part 17

There's one more I got from a while ago. Ladies...has Rihanna's Rude Boy on it, Pum Pum Shorts, Coffee...

Appreciate It and Please Keep Mixing - You Got That Fiyuh Baby!

I need the Top Shottaz Part 6 trackilist! I heard it and its bananas bless me with that list please! 1

panama Blessing am and have always been behind their mix\'m fan of you and your tendencies rasta Please let me add to your facebook mine is rabieth Homero respect to the max!!!!!!!!!!

nice sounds

Hi there!

I have been listening to Roots Reggae Riddim Mix - Summer 2005 and I was hoping if you could provide me with the tracklist?

Bless up
/Sal "saint" A.

My Ozone,

I love your tracks. Sometimes I just can't get down with the music playing in my office. So I look for other hot spots for music. I've be logging into your site almost everyday now. I was wondering if you can hook me up with the play list for the Rudeboy Kulcha Vol. 14 mix. Can you do that? More specifically I'm really feeling the song at about 11 minutes and 30 seconds. Please let me know.

Thank you,


DjOzone, can´t express how important all your mixes are for me, I´m from Costa Rica and I grew up listening to reggae music. Our caribean side of the country is a little Jamaica... Now that I live 4 years ago in Buenos Aires I´m missing so much my beloved Puerto Viejo, the beach, the food and the MUSIC.... Your mixes transports me to where my heart lives... They give me so much happiness!!!!
Thank you!! Bless for you and all around you!!

yet again bruv, loving everything youre mixing and mashing up................... stay blessed bruv....

hi. need the name of the istanbul riddim song \" cuz im a gangsta and she .... \" hope 2 gettin answer.

good work ...

best wishes from switzerland...

hey dj ozone i love yur mix tapes!!!! i was wandering if yu have the track list for top shottaz part 12 mix

ozone da one,i love u brother.

Hey! Lovvvve your mix's.. do you by any chance have the track list for the top shottaz part 13 summer mix? Thannks

Bless Ozone, the vibes just nice

Can I get the Soca Mix playlist from 2007 i think it was

Hi I would like to have the track list for Dancehall - Top Shottaz Mix - Winter 2006, and also what is the name of the rythm for the song "Gal Yuh P** Neva Fail Yuh Yet" after the Beenie Man song.


bless up!

Just heard dj ozone mixes for da first time and im in love! Bless up...

Mi love Dj Ozone! Di riddim mixes are hot lik fire and take mi back to mi days in Jamaica when mi hear em, Respect to DJ Ozone, mi number one for riddim mixes!!!

In the Top Shottaz Mix for Winter 2006, you used a song near the end that goes like this 'she is, shes the type of girl she really rocks my world, she is shes the type of girl....' Whats its name, I could not find it.

Thanks best wishes.

Hi Dj Ozone i'm looking for the tracks list of RudeBoy Kulcha vol III.
I appreciate so much your art..
You inspire me..

jah bless dj ozone...

Someone was playing your Roots Reggae Riddim Summer 2005 mix at work the other day and I was blown away. I've now downloaded it but would love a tracklist, any chance you can send it to me?



my friend is getting married in july theres a song on your top shottas part 12
that she'll love but i can't find it any where.
Can I please get the track listing.


Heey DJ Ozone!

Do you still have the tracklist for your Top Shottaz Winter 2006 mixtape?
I'm listening it for 4 years now and it never gets old!


I still love you, Dj! Keep it up wonderful man. :}

Babe u totally Rock , and finding your site has made this englise rose BUZZ... Thanks for the GREAT tunes and for PLEASURING all my sences in all the RIGHT ways ......

skin x

Please provide the the tracklist for RudeBoy Kulcha Vol 3 Mix - Winter 2007 - Dj Ozone.


I'm from Belgium and I really enjoy your mixes, in particular your 'Rudeboy Kulcha' Mixes. I used to listen to one of them that had a part with The Police in it, and many dub effects, especially for those who enjoy their herbs haha.. I lost the file and I can't find it on this site anymore, do you think you can help me out?
Thanks, irie vibes from Belgium!

love your mixes.
i wonder if you mixed something with "cuss cuss riddim"
tanya stephens "big heavy gal" version??

DJ, what is the name of the first song and riddim on Top Shottaz Part 2 from Spring 2006?

Yoooooo Ozone, it's Raül from Barcelona again.

Can you please send me Top Shottaz tracklists please? Just love your music.

I wanted to tell you too that if you come to Spain someday we will be looking for your website and we will go. And soon my system and I (Wiggle Yard) will open our first website and I'll tell you the website adress.

BIG UP OZONE! thanks for the way you make us feel the reggae and dancehall.

The name of the track on one of you're dancehall mixes I think it's called "you're my angel" by a femaile artist. It's mixed right before "brown skin" by Richie Spice. Blessings and thanks!


Link up star, I'm back in action!

From Toronto , living in Vancouver and I hope u all reach this area on tour.
Tryna heal and find myself.Everyday I am inspired to be a better person.Thanks to all the real Artists out there.Tryna remove the pollution in my briain and remove all negative aspects in my life.DJ OZONE.Thank You.

Pretty much the best dance hall mixes I've heard. Do you tour when are you coming out to the east coast Dc? Philly? NYC? let me know

also would like a track n artist list for Shottas 2010 mix

Hey Ozone, jah bless! I am so inspired by your music that I just discovered! Come to Chicago bratha! Tell me who is that second singer from the 2005 roots reggae mix? Is that German hes singing?

Thanks man,

Do you have tracklist in order of song for Dancehall - Top Shottaz Mix - Winter 2006 - Dj Ozone? thanks

I need the tracklist for Top Shottaz Part 6 Mix its the truth

Hi Dj Ozone..
Been Wondering if u could get a song of Ziggi (not Ziggy Marley but Ziggi) in 1 of ur Rudeboy Kulcha Mixes. Hes from Holland and i think hes a very good reggae artist... Maybe u could choose a song that fits in a mix for urself, all his songs are gooood! TY m8! Bless from Holland

want to know whats the newest dancehall music out

i am looking for the specific vybz kartel song that is featured in your top shottaz part 12 mixtape it starts about 13 and a half minutes into the mixtape if u cud supply this for me it wud b greatly appreciated

much respect! i have a question about a song and who the artist is i want to support the artist u highlight. i specifically am looking for the title and artist of a song that u highligt on rudeboy kulcha vol 8 summer. its the song right after bitty mcleans "Real Thing" please if u would supply the info i would much appreciate it

Please send the Track list for Seasons Riddim Mix-riddim bashment, may be the best reggae mix ive ever heard, love to get my hands on the individual songs as well.

i want the track list of oyur mix Top Shottaz Part 6 Mix - Summer 2007... Bless

I love your mixtapes! Been listening to them for years!
Just really feeling some R&B at the moment and your Vol 1 mix came to mind. Any chance you could send me some slow jam / R&B song names / titles? Thanks.

Kultcha Mixes all of them. I am making a donation to you because I wish to have you as my friend in heaven. Your mixes make me feel so alive man. I appreicate your talent and I hope to one day meet you.


Love your music . Seen your name while downloading at frostwire. Came across your RnB Heaven Volume 1. Had to come looking for youf (from Southwest Michigan)

Wassup DJ Ozone luv your stuff, wondering if you can hook a brotha up with the tracklist for RudeBoy Kulcha Vol. 13. Thanks and Much respect.
Jah Bless

dj ozone isthe best one


I hope u can get my message , i waana tell u firts im a really fan of ur mixes i love music absually i will get married soon by husband is producer in trinidad and tobago and i will got ur link and vibez fi my party...
link me if u intresting...


Hey dj ozone cant believe how good ypu are!!!
Can you send the tracklist to Top Shottaz part 13 and Rudeboy Kulcha Mix, spring 2006? Peace

Finally catching up with RK13! As always loving, the tunes.

Thanks again for the tracklists I requested. Do you have the list for the roots reggae riddim mix 2005 please?


Big Up to DJ OZONE putting down the wikkid tunes. Much luv and respek given! Keep duh mix tunes coming!

your the man ive been listen to ur mixes for years the tunes you put 2gether helped me though my hard times and also brang me heaps of memory back keep doing what u doing i tell everybody bout you you no your music, you even know mine nuff love & support from london bo!

BIG UPS from Pittsburgh. Love the mixes, keep em comin. You're very talented.

Big ups brethen

Morning have to say u make best mix tapes ever ... !
Roots reggae riddim mix 2005 can u tell me the titles for all the songs, thx!

Blessings from sweden!

I love your work!!! Do you have a facebook page? Im the biggest Reggae head!

When are you coming to Canada? Montreal or Toronto would be good. Do you at least have a mailing list so I can find out when your shows are? I'm in LA sometimes and it would be pro to see a live show. Thanks buddy, btw you are without a doubt my favorite dj. Say yes Rasta!!!

hiya! just passing giving respect and props, discovered your work back in my high school days and i really apreciate it especialy these two: "Love of Da Dancehall Mix" and "Karnival Vybz Soca Mix - Winter 2007" simply amazing and wondurful. Keep up the good work!

from Montreal, Quebec, Canada with luv

Hey dj ozone. I'm a very big fan but I was wondering if you could be able to drop by Switzerland or France anytime this year. I organize many events so please contact me so we can talk about it.


Hey man whats the track list for top shottaz Part 13 mix?

ya mixes are big on plenty of levels,, god bless

Hi Dj Ozone!

Please send me "Roots riddim reggae mix - summer 2005" Track(song) list!
this is my favorite:P

have a nice day!

would be nice to get the tracklist for rude boy kulcha 10...thanks esp at 25:13

You Reggae Rock my world! Musically!

Aye DJ!! Top Shottaz Part 17 is the best mixx to start off the New Year. Have not played anything else in the car since you released it!!! Rockin' job!! Send out emails with the track list fast!!!

Hi DJ Ozone,

LOVE YOUR WORK!!!!! Keep doing what your doing, Your one of the best dj's out there..... Can i please get a track list for top shottaz 12,13, & 14?

Thank you soooooooo much!!!!

LUV your Rudeboy Kulcha mixes!!! have been playing vol. 8 "summer 2008" and vol. 10 "summer 2009" non-stop lately. do you have the track listings for these 2 mixes?
keep up the great work and god bless!

I appreciate what u do ,continues giving us the real mixtapes and make us happy.dj OZNE FOREVER.God bless all us.

love the music!! i keep them in the radio on repeat!

rock on dj ozone

kool music djozone

Hi, my names is Anna I'm from Brazil, I follow your work and love your mixtapes, I'm waiting for your next mixtape dancehall Top Shottaz vol.17


Hello ! I love RudeBoy Kulcha Vol 3 Mix - Winter 2007 !!! can you, if possible, send me the track list of this fantastic mix ? would be so cool :). Big raespect !

Big up Ozone...........2011 iz here what u have in store man the anticipation is kill'n me! Bless'd man looking 4ward.

Hi Dj Ozone !

I listen to you from France for some years now and you are my favourite dj for sure... I like all your mixtapes without exception. Your Rudeboy Kulcha and Top Shottaz have so much class, so deep! Good continuance! Big up rastafari jah bless ;)

I love your mixtapes, you were the first dancehall Dj I knew and the only one BEST!!! Thank you for given us good music!!


Big Up Yaself, am a massive support of ur work
One Luv

yo hit us with another rudeboy kultcha mix. big respect for keeping it free too, im broke as hell but still get the hottest tracks thanks to you. if i ever win the lotto or something imma give a big donation to keep it rolling.

music is just badd!! just need volume 1 and 5 to complete the whole collection

Your music is the best, puts the right mood. Hope you can put on a show in ATLANTA. Take care, much love and respect bro.

Hola, te escribo desde Argentina, buiscando en Internet musica te encontre y realmente me parece de un alto nivel tu musica. he escuchado y visto muchas bandas de reggae, y me ha impresionando gratamente tu arte, no paro de escucharte, muy bueno

Saludos desde Argentina

Hi, I'm looking to buy "Reggae Mix 2010" but can't find the download anywhere, any help with sourcing this? Thanks!

Hi Dj Ozone,

First af all, sorry for my english because I\'m from Barcelona (Spain) and my english is a little bad.
Well, I\'ve been listening to all your sessions since 2004 or 2005 I don\'t remember, but I have to say for me you are the best DJ of reggae and dancehall music.

I\'m writing to you because I would like you to send me if you can all of Rudeboy Kulcha\'s Tracklists if you can please, because we have a reggae System here in Barcelona and we love your mixtapes.

For ending say that we are waiting you here in Spain, or in Europe, if you ever come here, we will go!!!

Thanks and Biggup Ozone

would like to know the tracklists for rudeboy kulcha vol 4 summer 2007

Please, Please send me the tracklist for roots reggae riddim summer 2005

Hi ,
I search id track from your intro the first song in roots reggae riddim bashment summer 2005 please???

many thanx from belgium

Hey selecta! Mery I-days! Zion door Intl!

i wanted to know da track list to top shottaz part 13 summer mix

hey wussup i wanted to get da track list to top shottaz part 10 summer 2008

big up man…..jus requesting tha top shottaz reggae mix pt 12 playlist…… dj spattablacker….respect!!

big up and bless

So Amazing. You gotta come to Toronto!!!!!!!!!!

long time bredren!
longing to find this track... Pressure - Loving Yu: Culture.
Cant find it anywhere, can you help!??

Appreciate it very much

yu rudebuy kulcha mixtapes are di best
i was wondering if yu could send me the
tracklists of all a di rudeboy kulcha mixtapes,
i would realy appriciate if yu would,


hey dj ozone i love your mixes. I was wondering if you could give me tha track listing to rudeboy kulcha vol. 11 winter 2010 mix i would greatly appreciate it

Hey im looking for RudeBoy Kulcha Vol 12 tracklist please

I am looking for MIXTAPE VOL 7. RUDEBOY KULCHA. I am trying to get your track list and full song of the mixes of the song you have on this particular mixtape. If you could please provide me with a website,store,or mp3s that you might have of the songs.


your dub plates are a a true inspiration for a Trini livin far away from island vibe. tks come to Mpls, MN

i have a question about an older mixtape, on the r&b heaven vol 2, what is the song called right at the end. ive seen it listed somewhere as being called "I" by "Breeze" but i cant find it anywhere and i have looked for years , if you could get back to me with the real name of it, or a link that i can download it that would be great. thanks, and keep up the sick mixtapes dude.

the first song you start with at the top shottaz part 12 mix spring 2009.
somthing with come and wind for me ...
2e song dont need the track but the beat is from neyo

grtz from belguim

ay Yo, my boy from senegal got me hooked when we used to chill on the beaches in japan, and ozone is now top of my list. rudeboy kultcha mixes are addicting. keep it up. free downloads to, you must just love music, thats what its allabout.

Big up and nuff respect.

keep up the good work


Hello Dj Ozone!!! ^_^ first i would like to say thank you for making such awesome mixes! I would like to become a dj myself someday.. ;) Anyways, a couple weeks back my sistren had contacted you asking about a specific song off of the Rudeboy Kultcha Vol. 8 summer mix. I dunno if you were able to help her but I was wondering if you knew what the name of the song is and who it's by. It has lyrics as follows: "I-man know that Jah is for real. Let them talk." That's all I know. I hope you'll be able to help!!! Thank you for your time!! By the way i "liked" you on facebook. :)

Hi DJ Ozone, Could you plz send me the tracklist of this amazin fire mix Top Shottaz vol 12. Kus from Holland

could i have the complete tracklist of the mix
RudeBoy Kulcha Vol 3 Mix - Winter 2007
roots reggae riddim mix - summer 2005

i need the track list for top shotta dancehall... the one that starts off with ricky blaze love dancing

i love your mixes... do u think its possible you could send me a track listing for top shottaz mix winter 2006, or the name of the riddim between 10:50 and about 13:00

Whahzaa , listening 2 this great mix Top Shottaz 11.
can ye give me the whole tracklist plz, so i dont have to search tru youtube:P
Ty m8 for ye mixes.
Bless from Holland

Big up's Dj Ozone thank you!!!!!!!! hit me on facebook( va beach va)

im a fan since i checked you on myspace some years ago. i coming thru L.A. from the east coast some time in the next month. Can I check you @ a club some where?

Greetings Iah!
I&I seek the title of a track on the volume 8 summer mix. It's a very elusive song, and proves very difficult to find. It comes in sequence after Bitty Mclean's "Real Ting'. However, if it is in fact Terry linen, I cannot locate the track anywhere whatsoever!! If you could link up with the I and help I out it would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!!! Bless.
P.S. Here are some lyrics I've deciphered.
"sleep you a sleep, dream you a dream iman know that jah is for real" "make them talk if they a come fi talk"

i luv ya mixtapes

Eiiii :)
randomly saw some of ua mixtapes on limewire, i luv em bt limewire quality is crap!plz send me ua most recent Top Shottaz and RudeBoy Kulcha mixtapes.
one love

I love the first song in Rudeboy Kulcha Vol 7 Mix - winter 2008. anybody who knows the name of it? I NEEED IT!

i'm looking for da name of a riddim or song, its has a computerized voice kinda sounds like a kid, and in the chorus they say "what they know about dance" it came out around spring and summer time. please help! I think it was on your reggae mix 2010.

Yo DJ Ozone!

You really are burnin up the Ozone with your fire mixes!!!! Can you please provide me with the tracklist to Rudeboy Kulcha Vol 3 Mix Winter 2007? I have a copy from a friend, but I would really love to have the playlist for myself.

Nuff Respec Bredren!


I'm looking for the song in RudeBoy Kulcha Vol 5 Mix - Fall 2007 that goes jah jah you good to me.

I love all your mixes and play them constantly in my car. I am also in LA so keep me updated on your events.


Damnn, Sweets u got magistic... much bless n love fi ur way .. keep it UP

Hey man!

I enjoy your mixes especially "Top Shottaz Mix". I'm trying to get a particular song on the Vol 11. I will very much appreciate if you can provide me with the track list.

Once again great job.


me a tru fan Star, me wan kip intouch withchu. much respect.Jah bless.

can you send me the rudeboy 11 traklist i love ur mixx yuh akways know dah biggest tunes

i need the top shottaz part 12 tracklist

You are amazing :-)

Jah bless DJOzone lookng 4ward next rudeboy kulcha! much luv frm NAIROBI KENYA!

Looking for a ltrack list for R n B heaven vol 1 from 2007

hey ozone could you shoot me a playlist of the kulcha mix vol 5. if you got it. bless

Thanks for all the great music!!

Can I please get track listing for Rudeboy Kulcha Winter 2007 Thanks. Awesome Mix

Hi man keep up the good work

greetz from holland!!

Bless up! please send me the tracklist for top shottas part 16 summer 2010.

this mix is fire. keep up the good work brother

Hi, love ur music choices, thank you for that !

Could you forward me RudeBoy Kulche Vol. 7 tracklist ? Interested in a few tracks on it I can't find with the apple tool :) ?

Keep up the good vibes and good luck with ur work !

Cheers, Lex.



Top Shottaz Mix 12 , bad boi mix , can any1 gt me the song name for the track which iz playing @ 5.01 of the mix

How much to do a party in Virginia?
Are you booking for next year yet?

Hail the king always !!!!1


love ur mixtapes.....you should try 2 come 2 Sydney, Australia to dj and have a nice holiday you'll njoy yourself.

Yooo DJ Ozone !!
Still listen too your mixes, they are my favorite, it entertaines me several hours of my day !
I got a guestion : Do you have a couple of songs for me ?

Harry Chapman - Herb haffi bun
and some more song's from him ?

Big up and Blesses DJ Methew from Holland
Haile Sallasi I Jah

Love the mixes Do u still have the track list for rudeboy kulcha vol 2

Hi, just wanted to find out who an artist is on the rude boy kulcha vol 8 it plays after the song "hush." It has some African lyrics "It is you Jah has sent for di King Man" "and be my kukunda" Lovin' this vibe.

I hope this is not to far back for you to retrieve but I've been searching for the name of the artist for a while.. Thanks!

love your music boss, keep up the good work

You should come to Denver!!!! Much Love


Dj Ozone, your talent of good taste of music and putting it together is awesome. I currently stay in Atlanta. Much love and respect, keep up the good work is excellent.

hey looove your mixes big ups
can i get the track names for the top shottaz #8 mix im looking for the song after the anthony b -tease her track

Blazin new mix Top Shottaz Part 16 !!! Got the subs boomin again. Keep up tha good work. Greetz from Surinam and Holland!

Hey DJ ! I've been listening to your reggae mixes for a few years now, and can't get enough of them brother !

Can I please request a tracklist for the RudeBoy Kulcha Mix - Spring 2006? Best mix by far in my opinion, good year for reggae music.

Much appreciated if you could !

PEACE AND LOVE, from the UK !

Great web page, wicked mix. used to be a vinyl dj, 20,000 pieces of reggae vinyl. now going digital. where do i getmusic?

Hey Dj Ozone

Would like to know the tracklist for your roots reggae riddim mix 2005.
Amazing sound, thank a lot!

Simon Rioux

nice mixes..

very good mix
is it possible to get the tracklist of rudeboy kulcha mix spring 2006?
Thanks and JAH bless!!

Yo wassup Sire,I am in South Africa and I just got some of your riddim mixatapes from a friend but I just wanted u to help me with the tracklist of the artists in following mixtapes ROOTS REGGAE RIDDIM MIX 2005.



Showing more love :} I heartily thank you for the lovely music once again, Dj. So much love. Peace<3

hey i love all ur mixes.... im realling felling the reggae 2010 one. i ws wondering can i get the track-list.... please and thank yhu

Love the music. Going to donate some cash next pay. The website needs a thumbs up button for facebook. Maybe some blog butons.

You have the greatest mixes I have found since 1993 in New Orleans! I haven't heard mixes like this since then. Great music!!!!!!! : )

Crazy mixes DJ Ozone! I heard the Istanbul riddim mix and just had to check out your site.Mo Faya!

your music is the best man i listen to it to calm my soul keep it up man love how it sounds music truly is the souls medicine and you bring it to light peace man

hey dj ozone,

could i get the tracklist for the top shottaz part 6 mix summer 2007 please?? it was amazing


I just luv ur music. bt i was just wondering about the name of song on RudeBoy Kulcha Vol 3 mix winter 2007. 37.06-38.30. i cant get the song out of my head.

Thank u.

Dj Ozone, your mixes are so uplifting and one thing for sure is that since I discovered your music, am always looking forwardto your new mixxes. Keep up Ozone, we love you

Can I have the tracklist for the Top shottaz 4 mixtape?

Hey Dj Ozone, I am from Brazil wanting to find out who sing the song at rudeboy vol 7 after dennins brown before dynamic " running away far from my responsibility..." I LUV all of you mixtapex!!
thank you so much for your help!
Peace from Brazil!

yes mr ozone,keep it coming ,u a tru badman pon da decks.but ive left reviews for u on ur previous sites,the reason im contacting ya goodself rite now is,can i get a track listinig for your 'love of the dancehall'mix?more specifically,and this might save u some time,im trying to get a chune i.d. pon two tracks,'do da weddy weddy' is mentioned in both,their the same riddim,the chorus to 1 is'see the key deh?lock dem up now,see da key deh...'and the other ones chorus'see the sledge deh,bus' da lock down seee the sledge deh...' if u cyan get a choon id for them there 2 song id be well gratefull cah 2 yr or more mi play dat mix and mi love dem deh choone,raw choone!!stay blessed bredrin.steve,cardiff,uk.
lego my selecta!

shit is sick

you got me to love reggae again! :-) Can you pls let me know which songs are on "Love of Da Dancehall"

July 18, 2010
I live in San Diego and I was wondering where I can purchase your CDs down this side or where in LA?

I am a screenwritier my emphasis are caribbean films. Currently writing a Jamaican movie . Would like to speaking to you in regards to the club scenes etc that in the film.

Please email me and let me know how I can find your CD's and also how to contact you directly.

Much Thanks

I especially love the Rudeboy Kulcha mixes, but my all time favourate is the Roots & Culture - Doctors Darling one with Tanya Stephens on it. Thank you for the inspiration you share.

Soi un xico de barcelona (españa) .Creo que eliges muy bien los temas y me gusta el tipo de musica que haces.

you got the best mixes hands down, keep doin what your doin and dont stop, dont what mi a do if i didnt have the sweet reggea music. much love..respect

I need the tracklist from the Reggae - RudeBoy Kulcha Mix - Spring 2006 - that was a really good Reggea MiX

love how yu deal wid di thing Dj Ozone ,jah bless dont stop.

Waazaa, wanna know the riddim in I-wayne song ''I can't satisfy her" in RBK mix 8, that one is hard m8.
Greetings from Holland

Bless up! Give thanks for your vibes! Blessed love. Jah guidance and protection.

Hello Dj Ozone, !!! Last year i send you a message asking about one music of one of yours Mixtapes. I live in Brazil and i really enjoy Reggae and Dub music. My problem is that here in Brazil we don´t have much information about Dub principally. So, if you can help me , i would really like to have a sugestion about some tracks ( or artists ) to my own Reggae/Dub Playlist. Thank you !!!


was wondering if you knew the track at 37:44 on the Fall 2006 Rudeboy kulcha vol. 2 mix.
and also if you had the track list to the Winter 2009 Rudeboy kulcha vol. 9 mix.

anything you can do is much appreciated!


All the rudeboy kulcha mixes are dope, track list for all of them if you have time. i listen to them daily

Tried to download all the mixes, but didn't see the link. Can you check it out?

BTW, been a fan since 2006! Big Ups! Keep doing your thing!

Yo DJ Ozone I'v been looking for your 2008 rudeboy mixtape still
I love all your mix's still but that 08 is missing out of my collection and i was wondering if you can link me that


I love your music

what the fuck?!! RDBK vol.12: i cant't dwnld! Stayed in queue for hours! It'a pitty. Anyway, thank you for everythin, Give Thanks & Bless

Hi Mr. Ozone I m crisian from spain. Please if you could send me the tracklist from Top Shottaz Part 9 Mix - Spring 2008 with no doubt the best for me in dancehall styl. Blessings. Love and affection!!

Wondering if you have a track list for roots reggae riddim 2005

yo thanx man i found it rush riddim collie buddz dis ya luv trust me man dat mix jus hard well all ur mixes hard di way u incorporate u thing i jus zone out wen i listenin to ur stuff man u beat all the others and i mean i used to love dj plink ja mixes but ur more versatile thanx again

yo man ur mixes sound well hard stills mi nah lie u shudda in ja now a mek money ,but i trying to get all the songs from ur top shottaz summer sk7 mix 5 but one song ave me stumped after sizzla the umbre dat singin di tune hard but i cant look for it cuz i dnt no di name- this love rite ere u caan get it from nowhere else my dear .plz jus the name an artist and i gud.bless up man and nuff respec

Hello I came here to say that you touch much love your mix of dancehall, you're my fucking, happy kisses for his work successfully.

Brasil - São Paulo - SP

Big up for your mixes. Do you have alternate links we could use i am having downloading your new mixes. I am from kenya by the way


big up from Sweden! Much respect from an Ethiopian brother! Your mixes got me irie, so good. I been trying to figure out the riddim you play on your 'Rudeboy Kulcha vol 9 mix'. Its the one with Lutan, I Wayne, Pressure, Spectacular, Chezidek etc. In particular I want to know the Chezidek song..woooooy, MADDD! Anyway, keep poppin dem nice mixes. Check Crown H.I.M riddim, its a little slower but wonderful...'Sizzla - Whats Happenin' bringin it hottt. Arite broda, keep it real, blessings! One Love

- Aboma

yaw.. bless up
love your tracks I share wid all my people down here in Aotearoa (New Zealand)
keep it coming brada

you guys are the shit!!
holla if you reach toronto canada we are ragga crazy up here!

Can u please hook me up with the tracklist from your RudeBoy Kulch Summer 2008 mix? Love this old school jamz.

Big Blessings Back!!

roots reggae riddim bashment tracklist

bin a while since i checked the page bruv hope everytings blessed rating the mixes ur still the baddest dj on road !!!! much respect

Hello, Trying to find track on RudeBoy Kulcha Mix Spring 2006. It mixes after Fly Away by Notch. Pretty sure it's Sean Paul at 52:00.

I Love your work. If you are ever tour Bermuda or the East coast (New York, Atlanta, or Miami) I am there!


RudeBoy Kulcha Vol 7 Mix

DJ Ozone, jah bless

hey man can i get the rudeboy kulcha vol4 track list thanks

you rock

Yo Rudebwoy! Ya Hav Nuff Wicked Mix My Yout. I'm Free Style Lee. Did some pro tings in "99" ( web search) (Henry Pittman) Me need some instrumental of some of your tings cause me know say mi can giv you some ruff tunes brethren. Me wan give ya some exclusive tings fi your mixes. gimme a link back and ill send you some of my songs so you can see what me a deal wit.

I recently came accross your remixes od dancehall and I was sooooo blown away coz is exactly thge kind of mix i was looking for. you know most of the other dj. mix slow dancehall with fast dancehall which sometimes puts u off the mood of dancing or wanting to listen more..but your remixes on the other hand are exactly what i have been looking for, the kind of remixes that keep your spirit up for 22 smth minutes straight up hard core dancehall....LOVE IT NAIJA BOY,,,by the way i loooooooove african music too although Nija music is very ragga style nowdays but i also like the central african beat you know Koffi Olomide and Papa wemba,,,etc etc....BIG UP for the great job,,,looking forward to more remixes from you and i like that you write the names of the artists u put on the remix,,,,is cool add for them too, they should pay u hhahahahahah HUGS,,,,t

Can I please, pretty please get a tracklist for RudeBoy Kulcha Vol 5 Mix and Roots Reggae Riddim mix Roots Reggae/ Riddim Basement Featuring Tanya Stephens?

Need to know what it would take to get a dj of your caliber to come to Kansas City, MO. At one time the dancehall scence was a jump off. However, know it has fallen to the way side. Please help.

I love your mix keep continue man. I'm looking for a song you used in your top shottaz part 4 mix (spring 2007). It was played at 29th min. It will be very cool if you can give me the name of this song.
Thank for all

Hey Dj, its Jami here, how are you? Id like to thank you for making yet another great mix. You know how to choose the best songs. I want you to know how much I appreciate your music. If it werent for you I wouldnt have even half of my great Reggae collection. Thanks so much again. If you ever tour let me know when you visit Florida :} Ill for sure come to your show!

Hi Dj Ozone!! I was wondering if you could send me the tracklist for reggae riddims summer 2005. Or even more specifically, the song that comes right after tanya stephens, about 4 1/2 minutes into the mix. Thanks so much, I really appreciate it!!

hey dude ur the best, i have www.costaricareggae.com i will love to have your track lists. i will link ur page to mine! bless!

big up deejay ozone. i got hooked when i heard ur winter dancehall mix 2006. mann thats one of my favorite mixtapes, matter fact if u got a tracklist for that mixtape id like a copy. Im up here in the bay area if u ever down this way def holla!!! madd respect, Bless!!!

hey, i want to know the songs of rudeboy kulcha vol 3mix winter 2007
and roots reggae riddim of summer 2005
thanks man

Been lookin for the rudeboy kulcha vol 7 mix tracklist.
Can't find it anywhere. It'd be real if you could get that.
Thanks. Be easy.

I like it !

BIG UPS for the Vol 12 bredren! DJ Ozone - LARGE!

Hey Dj Ozone would like the track list if possible for Top Shottaz Mix part 13 Summer 2009 and part 14 winter 2010

U r 2 baddddddddddddddddddddd.............................

I love your mixtape from 2006 rudeboy culture and I jst I have to get sum of dos songs of der Ive had it for a while but onli listen to di whole thng for wen I got time to chill and actualli enjoi the mix

ciao amico, when are you going to make the new rudeboy kulcha

i heard the dj ozone roots reggea riddim mix-summer 2005, i can identify halfo of the songs but there are some mad tracks that i dont recognize, could you send me the tracklist of this mix. thanks

YO DJ OZONE...WHAT IT DO MY BRETHREN? Do you think you can hit me up with the tracklist to Rudeboy Kulcha Spring 2006?I've been telling damn near everyone I run into about your mixes and Indica Music . Yo stay BLESSED UP my brother and may the MOST HIGH be with you at all times !!!!


Bless for all the sick mixtapes you put out

i just wanted to know what track was before ganjayard by wildlife on one of your mixes...cant remember which one



thats song from fight fi war remix 7:30 min til the end whats the name of that song

your sick, wonderin what the 58minute remix is called? heard my dad playin it, and did have it.. but lost it?

hey brodah! how ya doing? hey man i like so much your music, is the best.
There is one song that i am trying to download, i already have all your remixes, but i want to get one song wich is four men from mr. g, but i just can't find it any where.
Please what can i do, thanks man!


I'm looking for the tracklist of the 'roots reggae riddim mix - summer 2005'



Hi DJ OZONE!!!! IM julen from spain... I cant wrote in english very well okay... well.. I have got your Reggae roots riddim SUMMER 2005.. and I want the first riddim! the first of first riddim!! 0:00!! i think it is augustus pablo? what is the name of the song???? saludos desde españa!!!!!!!!!! GREAT WORK!!!!!! BIGUP!!!!!!

Congrats. been a long time since we text. I am headed back home to NY for awhile and will be in jamacia in july . thinkin bout you latley. one

Mi love wha ya do Ozone, Mi spreading all yo mixtapes round! No1 DeeJay!!!
Real Talk

i downloaded your reggae mix 2010 and i would love to get blessed up with the tracklist if ya can.

J'ai reappris a aimer le reagge a cause de toi
My english is not plenty
Your so great:

YO! I love all of your mixes. THere is a song on Rude BOy Kulcha 11 ..lyrics We miss you, wish you were here its about 10 minutes into the mix. Can you send a track list for the following mixes also:

Rude Boy Kulcha 8, 9, 10 ,11, 12,

Top Shottaz, 11, 12, 13 & 14

THanks! Keep mixing I love it

big ups Ozone, u put togetha dem best mixxes. what da name of da riddem startin at 10' on Top Shottaz 9?

i would like to know list of female artist on top shottaz part 3

Hi Dj Ozone,i am your popular fun and love all your mixes.Anytime i try to upload from filefactory basics,it says there is no free download slot available on this server.Can you please send all your mixes to my email address,i will be very greatfull.Hoping to hear from you soon,all the best from Ghana.
Jah Guide and Protection.One Love.

Thanks for music. What is the name of the last song on Kulcha mix 11... \"come make him come/ make him sweep over my soul/ Masta god this world is so cold\" powerful tune!! Thanks again and don\'t stop what you doing, you too nice yo!!!

Easy...wicked styles. can you please tell me what the last tune on your summer 2005 dancehall mix is..i love it...sound like I Wayne.. boom peace Willis

Is there any way I can get a list of artists in order from RudeBoy Kulcha Vol 7 Mix Winter 2008?

Hi Mr. Ozone I m crisian from spain. Please if you could send me the tracklist from Rudeboy Kukcha vol 7, whih no doubt the best for me. You are welcome in our country where reggae is rising may be we need some lessons, je je. Bless you keep doing that way. See you!!

can u send me a track list frum the spring 2009 mix...

word! what's the name of the artist on the first track on Rudeboy Kultcha vol 7?

You're great... would love to come to L.A. to see you play sometime. Anyway I am looking for the track list to Rude Boy Kulcha Mix Vol. 11--Winter 2010, if you would be so kind.



cool meditaion

yo peep me out wit tha top shottaz part 8 spring 2008 track listing... love it all man stay up

Ok theres this one riddim I cant find the name and its so sick of riddim I love it. Its in Top Shottaz Part 9 Mix - Spring 2008 and the riddim I cant find is on that mix at 13mins and 20 seconds. I listened to it in my friends car and he didnt know either but the only thing we figured out was that Mr. vegas was singing. It would be appreciated if you could answer me please and thank you !

i tink don dis be'for love ya mary mis me memory

If you could please- who is on the summer 2005 mix after Tanya Stephens " It's a Pity.

bonjour dj ozone vous allez bien.je n'est pas recu de vos nouvelles ce n'est pas possible d'avoir au moins un original de vos mixetape je suis pret a vous l'acheter a n'importe quel prixj'adore ce que vous faites et etant un grand collectionneur j'aimerais vous avoir dans ma collection.je voud donne mon adresse je suis mr silva angelo sauvagnat 43100 agnat france.j'espere que vous me repondrez tres vite,je n'aime pas trop telecharger surtout quand j'aime a fond un artiste car pour moi vous un grand monsieur de la musique,cela fait longtemps que je suis a fond dans ma musique moi j'ecoute de la funk et surtout de la soul et des riddims reggae..vos mix me fond triper,j'ai 37ans et vous?repondez moi s il vous plait...



Man I've been vibbin to ya riddims for a while now!!! Luv ya flava!!! Be blessed my brutha and keep da good vibes commin!!!

yo hows it going?...i was wondering if you could give me the track off da mix top shotta part 10 with jah vinci and vybz kartel the time around 12:25 to 13 something much tanx bless

DjOzone U R The wickedest & The Baddest Muzikal Mix Tape Master !!!
Please make sure we never miss out on ur Latest & Greatest toons
My Beloved Break Beat brother
My sis & I Thank God we Have been Blest wid Ears 2 Hear the Delightful & Magnificent sounds that u have prepared 4rm all around Sound &towns
Nuff love & Raspeck Tash-i & the Isis =D One love Blessed Love xXx

Hi ! I 'm a true fan from FRANCE (Europe) I discover yo work with the Classical Rudeboy Kulcha Vol.7 and keep enjoy & appreciate what U do.
I look for the tracklist of this mixtape (Rudeboy Kultcha vol. 7) particulary the name of the song just after Queen Ifricas' DADDY...
Thanks 4 the vibe and wish U the best for the furure

bonjour j'espere que vous arriverez a taduire ce mail.je suis un jeune francais qui vous ecoute depuis tres longtemps et qui apprecie BEAUCOUP votre travail et votre music,je voudrais savoir si vous aviez sorti des albums et ou je pourrais me les procurez je vous trouves genial votre music me fais planer vous etes un grand homme de la music tres bon dj ca fait plaisir j'espere que vous me repondrez et que tres vite j'aurais vos album et de ce fait je pourrais vous ecouter ou je veux a trex bientotj'espere...

Can I please have a tracklist for RudeBoy Kulcha Vol 5 Mix-Fall?

Please can you send me a track list for your mixtape RudeBoy Kulcha Vol 3 Winter 2007 together with the Riddim names. Love you Kulcha Mixtapes keep it coming. Eva done gigs in South Africa?

Whats up family. I was wondering if you all have a listing of the songs by title. There are some sizzla tracks that i never heard before in here and that would be great if I could find out. Specifically on Rudeboy Kulcha mix Winter 2008. All of your Mixes are hot Bless up brother keep it going

YO!! Dj Ozone you off da chains!!, Every Mix that I hear from you is BANANNAS!! You keep me movin and when im down i listen to a mix and in strait. Keep makin it do wut it do baby!!

Hey... can i get a track list for kulcha vol.10? Even jus the name of the first few riddims... thanks

Hey DJ, Another good hello from Tampa FL! Looks like i got my friends addicted to all of your Top Shottaz mixx and now they want to know the tracklist for Top Shottaz Part 14. If u can send it to me that would be amazing. Thanks DJ. Many respects, Vikesh.


This riddim is cut out of one of your mixes:

what tune/riddim is it? Any idea where I can get it?


Your mixes are hot fire. can you send me the track list for your Rudeboy Kulcha Mix 5(Fall 2007). Let me know.


HI !! you're a talented DJ man !!!! i would like to have a tracklist for your 2005s reggae mix of 44 minutes please ! and especially the songs with instrumental Superior - gentleman


Hi! I'am searching three songs in your mix.
First mix is: roots reggae riddim bashment mix, summer 2005
The first song that starts the mix (the song before Tanya Stephens) and the last song (this starts at 42:42)
The other mix is RudeBoy Kulcha Mix Spring 2006: it starts at 18:55
Thank you very much!

Hiii i realllyy really like to have the tracklist from your r&b heaven vol 1 mix there's a song from aaliyah on it and i've searched for too long still can't find the damnn songg! it was not 4 page letter and certainly not one in a million it had such a dope beat!! thank you soo much blessss n many lovee

Can you tell me the songs on Ozone summer mix 2005 at time;

Thank you.

First thanks for your work i live in france and you really should come here more often ; so many people would lov that!!!!!!
Do you have any date in europe this year? festival?
Good french reggae (danakil ; gang jah mind ; Dub incorporation ; Massilia sound system... check that on youtube!!!!)

Anyway i wonder if you have the tracklist for Kutcha vol 3 2007.
Is it online already? i couldn t find it and i need to know a few name on it.
Thanks u
keep your way

PS this website should be remake :)

Please can i have the tracklist for rudebwoy kulcha vol 3 mix - winter 2007 please bruv. Your mixes aree firee keep it up bless & please hit back on this bruv

Much love and aloha from da 808-State! HAwAiI..

I love your mix tapes

just wondering if i could get the tracklist for the roots reggae riddim mix summer 05?

jah bless

I know this is a crazy request. But I believe you did a mixtape including Jah Cure- sticky, Alaine -we rise, Queen Ifrica - daddy don't, Gyptian- African Queen, Sanjay - Man of my word, Vybz Cartel- Missing You alot and bunch of ther good ish, but I can find it. If this rings a bell for you could you drop me the name. Big Up to You.

tracklists of
rudeboy kulcha 3
rudeboy kulcha 4
rudeboy kulcha 6
rudeboy kulcha 8
rudeboy kulcha spring 2006


Would it be possible to the track list for roots reggae riddim mix - summer 2005 please?

thank you


Greetings! U have the tracklist for the Kulcha mix Volume 4?

demasiado bueno

hi,been enjoying your mixes for a long time.especially the drop leaf riddim mix its wow!please mix more of roots reggae.thanks

hey DJ, whats the track listing for Top Shottaz Part 6 Summer 2007? Im a Major fan all the way from Tampa Bay!

Blessings Idren... Keep Blessing world with vybez... From REP. PANAMA 507 -PTY ALL DAY EVERYDAY...

please send to my e-mail the tracklist of (dj ozone - roots reggae riddim mix bashment - 2005 summer mix) IT'S A DAMN HARD MIX

respect keep up that music

ya are a good DJ, BLESS ONE LUV

Yo a wagwaan nuh? Me deya hail ye up fi di big tune dem! YOu nuh easy jack, nuff respeck seen. Anywayyy, me a look bout a tune wey ye call "Dversity - we still miss you" from de Rudeboy Kulcha 11 ya seen. Me cyaaaaan find e no where? Ye can send me?
Bless up.

Hi. Enjoying your mixes. Would like to have a track listing for your 2005 summer mix.


You're so special big man keep up the good work bless mi yute

Hey I must say a BIG thank you to Dj Ozone another dj who has Inspired me into to become a Reggae/Dancehall Dj.

Wasn't long when I heard your mixes cuz I've hanging around Kennedy (DJ Kenny) and it's amazing the skills y'all have..he has some serious mixes and your style is really nice too and very easy to deal with..but I take a whole heap of Inpirations from you and thought I will stop by to give thanks and prasises...maybe some day someone is gonna say to you..bwoy mi nuh a yute dung a jamaica and him style like you rasta!"..that yute is me!

I love the roots reggae riddim mixes you made they helps me get through the day with good vibes. If it isnt to much trouble, id like to know the names of the songs on roots reggae riddim mix 2005 the second song is tanya stephens - its a pity. if you can send the names that would be great. thank you so much and keep up the good work

do u still have the tracklist for the top shottaz winter 2006 mix? theres this song I wanna know the name of because I cant find it at all!!!

I been checking out your mxes for years and so far you still top on my soundbwoy list!
I too am a dj... same jungle vibes plus alot of east african shit... born in kenya.
Other than the $$$ to get my studio going im all about wikid chunez, mixing and effect...
jah bless for the ideas and inspiration your mixes bring...


I would like to know the list of artists mixtape \"roots reggae riddim mix - summer 2005\"


Hey DjOzone,

Whats up ? I fanally got my dj software I want to send you one of my mixes
I am green just learning but you have inspired me to mix.I have always loved Reggae music and the beats. Where can I send them ?

Thanks Boom

bless. Just biggin u up after listening to a few of your mixes..I will def find your set next time im in LA. Bless


i just did not yet blow my speakers up!!!! mi need a harder remix. Bring the next one harder!!!!!!

I recently got a mix from you, The name of it was roots reggae riddim mix 2005 summer . It starts of with Tanya Stephans and the names of the singer that i want was after the IWAYNE (living in love)

When will you come to MONTEREY County in california....????????

i love ur mixtapes!!!!! i need to know two specific songs on ur winter 08 mix vol 7 mix, the first one is the one after queen ifrica daddy, i think it thee second song she sing and then sizzla after her i think, i need the name of her song ad his, they do the same riddim too, if you can give me the name of the riddim, id reaaaaalllyyy appreciate it.... did i mention i loveeeeee ur mixesss!!

Can i ave the tracklist 4 top shottaz 7 please. Nice one

i realy love the songs that u play .. i want to know the tracklist

Yo man i'm looking for all rudeboy kulcha mixtapes tracklists

Is there a way to get of list of the songs you feature on your mixes??? I want to get a song from on of your old mixes....

yaman king
i'm peppe from sicily
how are you??
listen man i write u this mail cause mi wanna know the tracklist of the roots reggae riddim mix 2005.
i wait your answa
bless and love

Big Up Ozone!!!! Shottaz Part 14 is slam'n you dun know!!!

You earned my respect! Big up! I listen to al your mixes everywere but especially in my car there is the only speaker who can control di bass! Respect From The Netherlands and Surinam!!!

One Love and Respect!!!

true prophet.

I've been enjoying your music for a long time! Thank you for sharing your talent. I'm deployed in Afghanistan and plan on taking a break in DC in March. When are you coming to the DC area? or can you recommend a good reggae place in the area?


Dj Ozone,
I started listening to you in 2007, All i can say is that you have a listener for life.

Keep up the good music!

Big Ups to you and your entire Indica Music Group

hi im a great fan of ya work so i have to ask you for the tracklist of top shootaz 4 spring 2007 - keep on turning ^^ greetz from innsbruck (austria)

yow Dj

nuf respect fi yo\' work. I really like you\'re mixes and I listen to them a lot. So many nice and rare songs!

I was wondering if you have a tracklist of an older mixtape, the roots reggae riddim mix of 2005, with Tanya, Seeed, Capleton, ...

It would help a lot if you could

Hello Dj. Ozone,

Thanks for the Rudeboy Kulcha vol. 11, greatly appreciated.
Happy new year and wish you nothign but success.
I would like to know if you have the tracklist for Rudeboy #7 (winter 2008)
Thank you,

Your the best dj in the world

Yo my brother first off man when the hell are you coming to the south to bless us with some of your mixes and secondly when the hell are you coming to ATLANTA and bless us with some tunes MAAAAAAAAN! oh and could I have the track-list to the Rudeboy Kulcha Vol. 2 LoL ?!!

hi ozone. its difficult i'm french. I not speak english.
Please Ozone I want tha tracklist of RudeBoy Kulcha Mix - Spring 2006. thanks.

what is the song that starts at about 25 min 15s in your top shottaz summer 2006 mix?

play in LA!



I am looking for the latest reggae instrumentals [riddims] for 2009 and 2010. i do a little reggae writing , singing and performing. Love ya music and style. Peace.

dj ozone is the best saludos from venezuela


Hello, I love your mixes brotha, keep going, can you send me pls the tracklist for the mix from winter 2009? i will aprecciate a lot blessings!.

Hi papi. This es Phenomenially Mi from myspace.com


I really enjoyed listening to the mix on your website. You have a little of everything---for the elders, for the youth, and for the in between. Good job and blessings to you and all that you love which means me too!



i need the tracklist for rudeboy kulcha vol 7

Id really like your RudeBoy Kulcha Vol 11 Mix Winter 2010 tracklist, if at all possible. Thank you X

Heyy DJ Ozone do you have the tracklist for Top Shottaz Part 10 Mix Summer 08?? Thankss

Keep up the amazing work! :} Peace and Love.

Hi Ozone! much luv from Nairobi kenya man u need to tours down here ad give a us rudboy vol version of our own! happy new year ad great 2010 alwayz listen'n your great MIX!

hey ozone.....much love and respect for your beautiful mixes....i love to hear them in the morning on my way to school and in any other situation....my question if you could give me the tracklists of the Rude Boy Kulcha mixes 3 and 4 because there are some tunes i would really like to have.....i hope you keep going on with releasing your mixtapes and wish you all the best outta munich

big up to you djozone. you got the best mix an your contribution to raggae promotion is unmesurable.

keep up the great work!!

DJ Ozone,
I am a huge fan of all your mixes, especially your RnB Heaven ones. Could you please please please send me the track list for your RnB Heaven Part 2 mix. Because its like 5 songs up there that I don't know the name of.

Your biggest fan, Rakeena

Top shottaz #12 is the bomb, pls fwd the tracklist, I dont know most of the artist on the tracks.
Thanks a bunch

Hey, I was wondering if you could send me the tracklist to the Winter 2006 mix. Specifically I'm looking for the name of the Buju Banton track.


you are like 2pac and the b.i.g i in this consciou music birth in memphis i love you GOD keep bring bless up

Yeah man ........ !
Sounds very cool. I like to have more your Mixtapes......... Keep Real man.
I like to come in your Clubs to hear live music and have fun. Thanks God Bless you. I ' m OUT.

excellent mixes

continuer comme sa sa fai bouger les gents bless

Hello DjOzone,

I was wondering if you can send me the tracklist for your set
Rudeboy_Kulcha #5.

Thank you and continue the good work, great music.
Just want to know any rudeboy kulcha sets soon ?

would you happen to have a tracklist for your rudeboy kulcha volume 7 mix?
i love that track so much. it is the mix that i feel the most. almost makes me cry it is so beautiful

peace and love,


Hi, we are Radio Doble Nueve 99.1FM rock station from Lima Peru since 1979 and we have a radio program on sundays.
We are producin a Sunsplash festival in Lima Peru January 30th, please let me know if you are available for booking in that date.

Hello. I'm from Spain and I congratulate Dj Ozone good music and style.
I also invite you to meet LION SITTÉ because it will be a star of the New Roots & DanceHall soon. MORE FYAH !!

yo if uno have dhat prestige bless riddim could yuh please get that to me..blessed

I need the tracklist of roots reggae riddim mix - summer 2005

please tracklist of Rudeboy Kulcha vol3. Compliments nd hanks for joy you bring to my life with your mixes. Love from Italy

big up! i am a HUGE fan of all your riddim mixes! i was wonder if you can supply me with the track list for summer 2005 roots reggae ridim mix>>> its classic!

Hello sir,

I was wandering if you could tell me who the artist singing the song in the 2005 roots reggae riddim mix both at the 24 min 10sec and 10min 50sec.
Believe me when I say that I struggle to find those 2 and I will really apreciate to get some more of there work.
Thank you very much and keep on mixin such good music.
Respect from Hong Kong , france and canada.

Respect!!!! From Calgary, AB, Canada

yo that rudeboy kulch mix volume 3.at about 12:22.i think the artist is patrice but dont know the song name.would appreciate the look.

U'r a good Dj..

Hey! I just wanted to know if you could send me a list of the songs played in Karnival Vybz Soca Mix - Winter 2007. It would be greatly appreciated. I'm having a party & I would like to know the songs being played so I can play them at the party. Please RESPOND. Thank you.

yo man i'm from senegal and here we luv wat ya doing big respect

Biggup Biggup Jamaica & the Light that Shines! Dj Ozone gets us through. And your Crazy how fast your music spreads Livin Love

Thanks so much for the mixed tapes, it has exposed me to soooooo many artist, keep it burning

I loooooovveee your mixes!! Please keep me updated if you are ever in Costa Rica or Miami!!! Mad Love for you *( ^o^ )* !!

What is the tracklist for roots reggae riddin mix summer 2005

Heey Dj Ozone im waitin for your next mix hun Dont leave me hangin when should i expect a top shottaz part 14 ?.. by the way i love 13 great job on that.

bring yourself to perth australia badman you tear the place up you feel me

hey ozone,
how is the track called in the "love of the dancehall" mix at 0:06:30

Bless up nice Tunes good music but how can i purchase

Dj Ozone, just passing by and i want to just say the Rubeboy Kulcha mixes are all great.

You have inspired me to start mixing reggae music.

Jah Jah Bless.

yo!!! im trying to purchase some of your mixes... how can I buy?

Good music ozone..keep d wet chunes comin!

hey DJ Ozone lovin the vibes.
I am really feelin' the RudeBoy Kulcha Winter 2008 mix.
if you get an extra minute I'd love to have the tracklist for that mix.
Any chance of putting the tracklists on djozone.net?
Thank you much respect!

Hey Dj Ozone. Im loving the new stuff! I was trying to go to that web site and get every mix of yours but its not letting me sadly :( I hope i can retry later and get them. Until then i will gladly enjoy the ones i have. Thank you again! :} Peace.

Please send me the track list of the Rudeboy Kulcha Mix spring 2006. Thanks! x x

i love your music,thanks for do it,grettings from spain

love you mixes!!!!

Dj Ozone you are great ! You already know that , I'm also a friend on your MySpace page. I have most of your mixes.. I must say that the Rudeboy 9 and 10 are great and can't say you weaking off .. no no you keaping up the good work ! I'm now visiting because I want the track list of Rudeboy 9. The song from I Wayne - Cruising Altitude Riddim, don't know the title :P. Many Big Upz and Blesses for you!! p.s I'm from Holland so sorry for the bad English.

yo wadd up son! dj serato stoppin dy to say wad up good lookin homie keep up the good work dj got to love it mann.

I'm on Imeem.com and a lot of DJ Ozone's mixes can be found there. You can try and by through iTunes but they don't have it. Specifically, how can I get the full mix for dj ozone - beenie man tok mr vegas elephant man vybz cartel psycho, it's the concubine riddim mix. I can't find anything on this site for how to download or buy the mixes.


wusssupp dj ozone... ima really bigg fan of ur mixtapes and i was just wonderin if u can give me the tracklist for the Top Shottas Part 12 Summer 09 mix please and thankyouu i know most of the songs on there but i cant find a few thank you i'd really appreciate this =)

Ever since i diciovered you I cant get enough of your Mixtapes they wicked to the max> i will be making a donation. Thanx ever so much> Jah Blesssssssssss.

Great work on the mixes !!!!!!! really love listenin to em'. Umm wondering if i can get the tracklist of the very first dancehall top shotta remix ( Dancehall - Top Shottaz Mix - Winter 2006 ). Really apreciate if u can forward it to my email. n yh keep up the gud wrk.
DJ ozone the Best

I was wondering if you could send me the tracklisting of the songs from the Top Shottaz Winter Mix 2006

Hey Ozone, Would you be able to send me the tracklist for:

top shottaz part 9 mix - spring 2008

Thanks :)


Mr. ozone I need the tracklist of the session that beggins with collie buzz- Come Around, the best mixtape i´ve lisent, thanks for yor time, regge is my way of life and you do it real,
Blessings to you

track list for Rudeboy Kulcha Vol 3 Winter 2007

Love your mixes...keep up the good work

cool place go on to the top

I am French and I\'m not good speak English let alone the English of Jamaica but your mix too well that I can not compliment you with words from us ... lol ... (on the other hand there is a riddim that I have not heard badda dan riddim)
yes i, AZbar

Hey I love your RnB heaven Vol 1 mix, but I really really want the track list. Could you please send it to me

Dj Ozone, hot like fire...keep blazing it up. Bless.

DJ! when one new mix gonna come out. i waitin ova here


you are the number one of the djs of the world, i need tus albums. fantastisc remixes. congratulations from MERIDA, YUCATAN, MEXICO.

love your mixes, but i need the artish at 20:20 on your rudeboy kulcha mix spring 2006

Hi, my name is Philip and i'm from Brazil. I have your mixtape called : Roots Reggae Riddim MIX - Summer 2005, and i want to know if is possible to have the track list from this mixtape ?

Thank you and congratulations for your work

I need to know the song @ 11:33! please tell me the artist and name of song. Thank you so much. BLESS

hi dj ozone my name is xamidou from africa senegal i m a fans n 1 dj ozone thank u


likin the reggae riddim mix with tanya stephens, capleton, etc.

can you please send me the tracklist?

I'm in love with...you...the music...my culture...life

One Love

plzz!! who sing the song start at 28:20 from rudeboy kulcha vol 8 mix, summer 08

hi man... im from CHILE and i listen your mixtapes... congratulations.. you are a very good dj....

please you can send me the playlist of Top Shottaz Part 8 Mix - Spring 2008.

THX ..

Bless from Chile

Can you please please please tell me what song is it at 50:29 of Rudeboy Kulcha vol 3 - winter mix 07.
Plz can u get back to me on my e-mail brother im literaly looking for this song evereywhere but i cannot find it plz get back to me on my email

i'm soo addicted to this site.. spend the whole of the time at work.. right here... nuff thanks for bringin so much livity to my long night shifts!

Big Up Dj Ozone!

hey men..just cant stop playing yo tunez ...gud work..keep it up blood...!!!



Bless fire.... got som tracs and beats that i would love to get on your mix tapes.
di mix dem sound baaaaaaad!!!! keep it real king.


Jah Bless!!

what is the tracklist for top shottaz part 12 mix _spring 2009 please

hi ^^ ive been looking for a song on the rudeboy kulcha spring mix 2006, can you send me the list of tracks on that mix please?:D it would help me out alot :P

Hi Dj Ozone,
How una dey?
I'd be pleased to have the tracklistings for roots reggae riddim mix summer 2005. And hey, do you any mixes of slow reggae or roots reggae (P Tosh, Joseph Hill, Burning Spear) and others in the riddim of track 3 of roots reggae riddim summer 2005. Of course, I'll pay for it.


Love your work!!!
When you come over for the coffeehouse tour?

Bless, Sherida

hey, my man, love your work. i was wondering if you can help me on a few track title.
you have a mix tune, it has a few song that i reconize, : rasta should be deeper, one to one.. the next song goes like that. " why am i lonely, why am i desperate,tell me its i and i.
can you tell me the track list of this mix, and where can i find it. name of the mix tape...
thank you..

I want the track list for Dancehall Mix - Winter 2006

thank you for the nice music mixes

Yo bro, heavy mixes! I was in Montego Bay in July so i listen to your mix to reminis! Can you please send me the track listing for Top Shottaz Part 12 Mix - Spring 2009.



can u tell me the track listings for ''karnival vybz soca mix winter 2007'' love all ur stuff btw

I didn't know of you until I got a copy of Rudeboy Kulcha 7 while I was living in Cape Town, this cd was going around and no one knew who it was by. I had been looking for the name of one of the tracks when my search led me to this website. Now I'm spreading the love around Africa, From South Africa to West to East and someday I'll go North. You are a great talent. Thank you for bringing me music that inspires.

hey whats up. been listenin to the mixtapes for a while now. big fan. jus got a question about what song comes in on about 19:05-19:10 on the Rudeboy kulcha mix Vol 3 Winter '07. Ive been hearin that song hella places.. it's chill. Keep on doin ur thing.


Bless Pa! Big mixes abd tunes--keep it rollin-repeckt -1 request-need the tracklist for ya vol 9-love the track on the 23 min after nesta's track. . 1 bless

im in hawaii and no body on these bolders does it like that, i see a bunch of request for track list but in my mind it aint gonna sound the same if it aint blowing in the ozone i would say never stop do what you do but do i really have to nah love what you do take it easy, big aloha's and smoke choke from hawaii

hi i would like to have the tracklist of rudeboy kulcha vol2 fall 2006
awsome mix
but i wanna know more about some artist on dat tape, just don't know dem name!
continue on you way you dointg great! blessin'

can i get the track listing to top shottaz part 8 mix spring 2008?

Bless I and I...Peace brother...

Just to say yu that I appreciate your mixes...

I sing and I like what yu're doing...

Yu can contact me if yu want cause I'm interested in yur work...

"Selassie is the mightyruler"...May God bless yu...

Keep on spreading peace...

I am trying to find out who sings the song "...me a rastaman, rastaman" on the DJ Ozone Roots Reggae Riddim 2005 Mixtape?


Dj Ozone....... "shakin mi head" dem boi is ILL HOT. I have been listening to you for yers mi frend. Ya Kulcha mixes .......OMG!!! take mi to another place. I wan to mek a donation.

yeah man big up to you ,this is a great link. thanks for doing this , i hope we gona have more culture mixes on this thank jah bless

Hi there ozone

I like your style chief. I have some of your mixtapes and they are purely exquisite. I can't wait to blast some more your tunes in my car after work on my way home.

keep it up and I'll continue bopping my head everyday

Keep mixing those hot tracks!!!!!!!!!!!

Your Fan



u fi de cleanest dj to eva do it, respect

me a download every last tune u have put on di website but would appreciate ya linkin me to the album artwork fah di rudeboi kulcha n top shotta series. It is a serious movement and fah a DJ such as ya self that me listen on a daily ting i must try to perfect the collection. If ya can put the tracklisting too would be most appreciated!

jah bless

i like very much your mixes and the concepts that u transmit in your music
jah bless u

could you please send me the playlist for your 2005 summer mix

On the rude boy kulcha mix vol 3 winter 2007 what is the artists name and song 41 min in following anthony b? Love your mixes. Do the artists name in the play lists go in order of apperence? Have you hit up Reggae on the River/Rising?
Thanks and much love.

Hey Ozone,

What is the name of the Elphant Man song on the Karnival Vybz Soca Mix? The song starts at 27:40 and it uses the "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun" beat by Cyndi Lauper. Thanks.

Hey Ozone,
I really like your mixes.
But there is 1 song i can't find from your roots reggae riddim 2005 mix, it's the song before 1 blood. The lyrics goes something like... rastaman rastaman.
thnx ya


You are the best !!!
I listen to you since MUSICV2...
RudeboyKulcha is my favorite mix...
Thanks for all !!!


DJ Ozone - kep spin'n dem beats i will always enjoy your mix..........anyway any where....much love from KENYA!!!!!

Greetings DJ Ozone!!!! Your music mixes are awesome! Give thanks & praise you are talented! Peace & Blessings

braaaap yes badman been anticapating rudeboy kulcha volume 10 and it was worth the wait nex tym im online ima make a lil donation trust keep bringing the vybez and keep the fire in your heart stay blessed much respect

yoooo djjj O,,,,im in luv with your mixes....especially when u do culture mixes cuz i luv culture muzik....keep it up bless up!

I want to know who the female that sings the song Boy you got me so confused I can't take no more everytime I want to leave something keeps me from the door thank you!

One Love, thanks for all the wonderful links. Been a Fan of your for years... Jah Bless

could I please get the track list for "roots reggae riddim mix - summer 2005 - dj ozone"

soy de Merida, yucatan,Mexico y tuve que bajar tus mezclas por que tus albums estan caros y no llegan aca


nice job

It would be so badass to blaze with you.lol =D

i loved dancehall. estan bien cool tus mezclas, es una desgracia no tener tus albums

One of my good friends who is also a huge fan of your music has told me that you do hip hop mixes as well! I was wondering if theres a place where I can download those, like your "Jerk Party Mix". Your quite good! Thankyou. Peace.

me love off ur site,

greatest reggea dj on planet earth. makes ma day listening to ur mixtapes

you done know, mi love uno bad! give thanks for the gift Jah bless you wid and make you a blessing to all a we. Give Mommy my love seen!

hie I like your mixes! and I want the track list of:- top shottaz winter 2006- please send me the tracklist if u have it thank u very much!

wowo dj ozone im ur biggggggest fan luv yamixes dammn nice hot stufff and u big man in ya wrk u give me alot inspiration in my life so nice to har ya mixes u success 100000% in all keep itup an jahhhh blessssssssssssss

one of the hottest female dancehall artist
with music playing in England Canada Jamaica Brooklyn just to name a few.
representing for the dancehall community bringing her own sound and vibes.
I was wondering how to get her music on your radio station.
thanx and God bless
Alfonzo Mendoza

Hi My broda!
I speak of Portugal, i'm portuguese man, yah! So the reason to speak with you is so simple, the mix of roots reggae riddim mix 2005 is the best album that i listened! So fucking cool! I listen since de 1st second to last second!
So i want to know the tracks of this album, please OZONE HELP ME! Say me all tracks! I try to search but i don't found!

So my broda, thank you for your atention!
Stay in peace ma man!

heya love yr mixtapes, was wondering if i could get a track list fo rude boyz vol2 mix fall 2006, starts ws Bob, wailers etc...tx! one luv!! xxx

Jah Bless!

Hi, first of, thanks for the awesome job!

i would like to have the top shottaz part 12 tracklist. Thanks man!

Big up

wat de song name and artist

part of lyric is "..give me 5 minutes let me tell u da bussines... got dis lil problem my head is full with drama.. i can picture us doin alot of stuff.."
i herd it in ya top shottaz mixtape 5, mad legit

On this site righteousness rule as I would say! Dj Ozone rocks! Conscious style!

need the songs playlist of rubeboy kulcha mix spring 2006..... from venezuela!!!


was wondering if you could send me the complete track listing for the RudeBoy​ Kulcha​ Mix​ - Spring​ 2006​ - Dj​ Ozone​.
Lots of songs that i want to know who the artist is. Would be much appreciated!!

big up

Hi. I was listening to a roots mix and there's an song by I think by I wayne at the end talking bout "sex without marriage is a sin, she don't like the condem ting so from she clean we haffi do it skin to skin". If you know the riddim and track name I'd love the info.


Hey Hey! I like your mixes are the best! send some to my mail ... Bye Blessings from Costa Rica ...

I know you probably get a lot of comments requesting song lists for your mixes, but I really would like to have the list of songs for your "Top Shottaz Part 12 Mix" and your "Summer 2007 Mix". I love love love your work. Keep up the great mixes, you are greatly appreciated! :} Please get back to me.

I was wondering if i could have a tracklist for RudeBoy Kulcha Vol 2 Mix - Fall 2006 the one that starts with Bob Marley's Sun is Shining. Id really appreciate it. You're extremely talented by the way. Blessed Love

Dj Ozone, you are my favorite Dj! =D
I love your work most certainly! Have a fantastic day/night.

Hey what up Dj ozone!
Just wanted say you doing a great job with them mixes !
You the livest reggae Dj out at the moment!
Can't name no other Dj that doin it like you!
Can't wait to hear your next rudeboykulcha mix...
I'ma stay checkin up on this site for your new relaeses!
Thanks for doin what you do!
blessings and respect from Holland!

ii love your mixxxsz they are amaziin : )
umm ii wasz wonderiin iif you cud send me your trackliist for the essence riddim mix and the list for the love of da dancehall mix especiialy the name of the sean paul song in there. iiv been searchiin for iit evrywhere ,evn pluggin in the lyriics to fiind it but ii cant fiind the name of iit anywhere
pleasze && tanxsz

Hi,DJ Ozone,help me out with this one!!
Rudeboy Kulcha vol.4 mix.2007.
Who's the singer at 49 minutes.
Thanks,Jah bless

Your my favorite reggae dj.....representing the bottom of Florida, get in touch!!!!!

Hi,show some love and respect to your page.
Keep up the good work.

hey Dj Ozone
the first thing i have to say i love your remixes

the second thing is please can u send me the play list of the Top Shottaz wintermix 2006
or can u please tell me the name of the song wich plays at the 40th minute

would be very nice

e, i listin a lot of your mixes, but actually wanna get the whole tracklist of rudeboy kulcha vol 4. Can u give me tht?

yes rudeboy jus passin thru 2 bless up da page braaaappp whens rudeboy kulcha nex mix coming bruv ? just soon i hope peace

pls... need more fire 4 da summer!!!!

I've got to know the track list for the mix I think it's called riddim mix from the summer of 2005. It starts with Tanya Stephens "It's a Pity" and Tony Rebel is on it.

Man keep it strong!!! You have the best shit, man your taste in Reggae is impecable!!!

the best man!
good music
billy bj from venezuela

The Rudeboy Kulcha mix is well crucial starr!!! Roots reggae one-drop riddim fall like manna... Keep it up breddah... Thailand-UK Massive .

There's life before you...... and life after you. This world now is too full and deep with what you create. I only listen to your mixes now. There are songs I don't know and don't care-I just absorb the sound. You saved my life! Speaking of Life-Spring 2006-Approx 11:15 in- the song My life is my life-I only got one life to live-& 15:05-Deeper. Oh God!!! Who is that ? I keep just loopin it. So, livin' upright cause you are incredible! Oh, and about ten other questions. I can't fuckin believe you exist and this music exists! If you're not in awe- you're not listenin'. Always Deeper , Huge Love, Penelope- Stealth Dakini S.F.

love your mixtapes!
keep doin' good job.!


Big holla out, Ozone... was recently introduced to Roots Reggae by a friend and I have two questions: what the hell was i ever listening to before, and how did i manage without these mixes?? :)

I've since been eagerly downloading the other Kulcha Rudeboy Mixes and can't get enough.... Keep those mixes coming bro!!! People keep asking me what they are when they hear me playin them... I point them yer way straight away!!!

Cud ya forward me on the tracklists for the Roots Mix and Kulcha mixes 1-6 as you don't hav them litsed on here.... I can't wait to get the vinyls of these tracks and pass on the wealth too....

Much love.........

Hey DJ Ozone!! I just wanted to sayy what you doo is grreeaaatt. I loveee the Top Shotta Series! I'm about to listen to the 12th one matter of fact. I'm in a dance group at my college and last semester I did a little dance hall choreo. For next semester they want me to do a longer dancehall piece. There is this song from Top Shotta 8 that I really want to choreo to. It's the song before Anthony B - tease her ( I did some of that song last semester). Could you send me the track list for that mix please? Thank you!

would be nice to have an easy access to all your mix lineup in a track list form. Blesssssssssssssssssssss.

I feel blessed, happy, joyful and amaze whenever i come across your mixtunes. You keep me updated an i thank good for your existance and pray for your long life and talent you give. Boy you the best. Jah bless.

Check di link star, http://www.jamworld876.net has the latest and greatest from di rude boi scene. Also http://wegotitfirst.com/category/dancehall-reggae/ has some good music fi download.

Big up to you DJ!!

Can you place you Shotta Mix pt. 5 & All de track dem? any help would appreciate yeh.

I love a couple tracks on Rudeboy Mix 5 but can't seem to find what out what they are... could you let me know the tracklists... Its driving me crazy!! please!!

keep em comin'.... Dunno what i'd chill too otherwise!!!!

respect deh mixtapes bro. shit is ruff! i was trying to get a list of all deh mixtapes from the top shottaz and kulcha mixtapes since i have all of them. if i aint askin too much? much appriciated and nuff respect!

wud like to hear more of ur mixes soon....wicked!!!

wondering if you could tell me the title of the last song from Top Shottaz part 6

help bro.

on the reggae roots riddem 2005 mix theres a track on 28 mins. i cant figure out who it is can you help. its the track before junior reid - one blood.

the chorus is "im a rastaman...rastaman" i`m sure you get me :-)

please help thanks

Rnb An Hip-Hop Mixed up mixtapes, keyshia cole, monica, aaliyah, lil wayne, plies, gucci, jeezy etc. thx!!!


Can you please send me the tracklist of Dancehall - Top Shottaz Mix - Winter 2006.

Your musical selection is my guidance and protection, sounds for life brother. Respect is not enough. Much love to you and yours from the UK

dun Kno Ozone yuh mod
tdot u kno wat it is

found you again!! biggup from the Houston.... been listening for years.. each one is better thatn the last!!! keep it up..
Fire Fire!!

Shalom DJ Ozone, first and foremost congratulations for your mixtapes, they're awesome to listen to, i've become a big fan of your work. I have to ask you for a big favor though - I have to know the name of a couple of artists/groups you put in your Roots Reggae Riddim mix - summer 2005. The first track is a great instrumental, then a woman singer follows ("if we never get a chance to get together..." track), and the next track has a vocal in german (?) i think. These two last tracks are beyond belief, and you must know what it feels like when you listen to an artist and you HAVE to know who it is. So i beg you, could you please send me the names?? I'm so grateful for any answer you might send me. Keep on making great music Ozone.
Greetings from Brazil, and Shalom!
Felipe Barki

Hey i've been listening to your mixes, great stuff much love from Montreal. I'd like to know the track listing for your roots reggae riddim mix summer 2005. Especially the song that starts playing at 10:49. Thank you for your time keep up the good work

Ozone been listening to your mixes and thay are the best you are in a zone of your own bless an come hold a dance over here in the uk cause I will surpport you no matter the cost one love

Dj Ozone is Number 1

you made my high momments more delicius...y love your beats mix..thanks ozone..

Shotta; Shotta; Shottaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaazzzzz!!!!!! Blaze up di Chune. Dj Ozone Throw di Fiyah pon dem... Gun Heaven....... Straight Badmind from Haiti.... Pound 4 Pound um Broad Zoe


Hey Ozone, it a shame Musicv2 went down, but mi glad to see yuh still spreadin ya music pon di net. I need fi get connect to spread the music. Keep up di fyah burnin!

Big big DJ Ozone fan!! I discovered DJ Ozone by accident on limewire. I know a lot of people may not like that but actually I found a few artists which I may not have known about if I didnt go there. Then I found you on myspace and have downloaded from music v2 (can't remember the actual site, been a while) a bunch of mixes. Everyone I know has been listening to your stuff ever since! Blessed love DJ Ozone! Thank you for blessing my ears & soul with your music!

I have been searching desperately for some dancehall music - now I search no more! Big up from Germany!

I got your RnB Heaven Vol 1 from IMEEM and all of the artists weren;t included. I would like to kno w who sings the song that comes around 37 minutes into the mix, right after Usher "Handle It" The song is wild. Your mixes are the best. Keep up the geed work.

man ur vybz r hot... keep on doin watchu doin...

Ozone your mixes are tight. Keep mixing.

Bigg up dj ozone u killin them other dj's nuff respect your # 1 fan in mann

Nuff Respect Boss, BIg up yah self...

Wha gwaan Don Ozone, big up...bless

keep da tunes up baby thanks 4 da heads up
keep da tunes rolling baby
ev'ryting nice!!!

good page, really cool music.... ;) i like it soooo much!!!! xD
bless!!!!!! =)

I LOVE ur mixes

yes dj ozone wats gud man hope everytings bless topshottaz pt 12 is killin it boi u still r da baddest dj n gotta big u up 4 dat keep them vybez flowin brudda man brrrrrrrrrrrrraaaap

Dj Ozone is the Best a cool guy who do his best to stay in good touch with his fans big Up much respect The Future of Dance Hall is on your hand

What up homie! After a long day.........some weed and a kulcha music mix from you hits the spot! Real talk. Keep em coming. Much love!

You're a cornerstone to the Reggae World!!! I absolutely love your work and I use it for guidance!!! May the Reggae World stay blessed forever!!!

Yoh! you know i must give myboy much repect and much luv for spreadingmuch vibes for the world to Jam and Rock too..Keep doing your thing DJ OZONE,,The world loves you Big!!!!!!!!!!!

Yo man your music has helped me in all aspects of my life right now .I can always find one of your tracks to pull me out of a slump my G.! I used to listen to mainly RnB and Hip Hop ...ignorant to other genres of music.Now my main thing now is EVERYTHING LoL but mainly Ozone Tracks but I also listen to all genres of music but COUNTRY! I don't care how good a DJ (selectah) you are country will never sound good to me LoL
Peace Brother !!

Love the musik wish i was der to party wit ya'll

Large Respect!
keep on spinning those hits!



Blessings from Holland
JAH Rastafari!

No comments. Nuff luv from me to ozone

bless dj.ozone, i can see yu a work hard pon yu ting, good luck from deh madestgal from myspace :-)

...the Ancestors and Orisha are always looking over.


bout time you got a web page cause u tight

jus passin thru your site 2 show some luv jus heard da fight fi war riddim mix dosent dissapoint as usual keep blazing up da danchehall scene brudda man brrrrrraaaap

much bless dj ozone the site looks tough much props 2 u brudda man keep making dem world class bashment mixes respect

Thank you for the incredible mixes. Keep it flowing!
Bless, jen

DJ Ozone this site is tight I grew up on Reaggae music love your mixes
I am very sorry that Musicv2 had to shut down after listening to you and
phaddy, Gfresh and the whole Foundation crew I have been mixing a little my self I have an endless colection of music Peace ! One Love


Hail up Ras!

Babylon take down MusicV2 but Iyah come strong with djozone.net!

Love and respect itinually.

Neil - di path


You know i have to come through and show some love. Yes it's the one you call princess nikki lol! Love the site and mixes. Can't wait for more to come :-)

Been listening to reggae and ska etc since late 60s and always enjoy listening to this day. Im in Phuket Thailand where it is devoid of much that is new so if not for you I would never get to listen to much . Keep playing and spreading your experiences. Brian

OZONEEEEEE!! Congrats on ur new site my friend, very nice! Keep doin wut u do ;)

big up ozone good luck wit all de good work ur doin . i like de new website its wicked u a big dj now lol . really thoe blessings to u and urs .


Hey Dj Ozone, sick job on the site and loving the new mixes. You'e gonna get to the top, Keep it up
- Kay Asylum

Jus showin some luv from the east coast love your work...i admire that your nationally known

You done know mi haffi big you up!!! Tell mommie Happy Birth day when it comes. Love and Blessings Always!!!


All Hail The Empprer Of Sound! DJ Ozone is pure FYAH! I am his biggest NYC Brooklyn We Go Hard fan! Ya heard! Yo Ozone when u coming to the city to play for me live? Make it soon!

I knew it from the 1st day i'd heard first DJ Ozone's mixset(Roots Reggae riddim) that he must have his own site cos he deserve it. That day has come, he is the I-man, the Irie Man, mista selekta DJ OZONE!! BIG UP & BOH


So glad the website is up and running. always anxious and excited for the new mixes coming out! KEEP IT BLESS!